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Do you know the meaning of interval training and do you know how to plan interval training sessions? Interval Training brings various advantages to the athlete provided, of course, it is planned in a structured manner within the training plan.

Are you wondering if it is also useful for an Ultra Trailer and what kind of sessions you could do?

Let’s start by clearly defining what interval training is. Interval training is a type of training that involves alternating running phases at a high and predefined intensity with moments of active recovery at reduced speed.

Why is it useful? Because during this time of the year, you will definitely be working on endurance and most of the workouts will be done at low intensity. Interval Training will help you to maintain a good basic speed, responsiveness, and healthy weight!

How many sessions should you plan per week? During the summer period when there is the maximum concentration of competitive appointments, one session per week will be enough for the average of the athletes.

How to plan it? After the day of rest or the lipidic run, away from the very long runs and other quality workouts. The day following the execution of this type of training, depending on your level, you will opt for rest or a short regenerating run of maximum 40′.

On what kind of terrain? Dirt or road, however flat or with very slight undulation for maximum effect. In fact, it is necessary to consider that in this period of the year, trail runners already carry out most of the training with D+ and important climbs.

Below are the types of sessions suggested to be carried out at a speed approximately equal to that held in a 5K flat race. If you don’t have this information, just take a test.

You don’t feel confident with the tests and you prefer to train with your Heart Rate? Follow this scheme: 400mt at 95%; 800-1000mt 88-90%

Now let’s go back to the type of sessions suggested by the Coaches!

Always start your sessions with a 15-20′ warm-up + stretching + 6 x 100m sprint

  • Month 1. 5 x 400m/Recover 200m at a slow pace (increase by 1 rep per week)
  • Month 2. 4 x 800m /Recover 400m at a slow pace (increase by 1 rep per week)
  • Month 3. 4 x 1000m /Recover 400m at a slow pace (increase by 1 rep per week)

End your training always with a 10′ cool-down phase + stretching

Notes: the most advanced athletes will be able to start with 10-12 x 400m the first week of Month 1 .; 5-6 x 800m the first week of Month 2 .; 7-10 x 1000m the first week of Month 3. They will continue with an increase of 1 rep per week as indicated for each month.

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