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TRM Race Plan

Trail Running: Race Plan

Do you want to make sure you don’t fail your goal race of the year?

Pick a TRM Race Strategy plan far enough in advance, do not waste time.

The TRM Race Strategy program is a professional competition plan that is personalized according to a specific competition: generally the “goal” race.

The plan contains a general analysis and strategy. The analysis takes into account many aspects: characteristics of the athlete, type and complexity of the race track, location and climatic conditions, duration of the competition and target time. The race strategy plan guides the athlete to achieve the best performance.

The TRM Coaches will plan, on behalf of the athlete, every detail to be taken into account to manage each section of the race and reach the finish line.

Are you experiencing nutritional problems and energy drops during competitions? Are you often forced to slow down or withdraw?

Fix your nutritional problems with the TRM Nutrition Competition plan

The TRM Nutrition Competition program is a personalized nutrition plan developed according to a specific competition: usually the “goal” race or an ultra trail over 100km.

The plan is developed considering the athlete’s eating habits, the type of competition, the distance and the d+, the climatic conditions, the presence of refreshment and life bases, the duration of the race and the target time.

The plans contains the nutrition and hydration guidelines for each section of the competition and specific advice on the type of food products to be purchased or consumed at the refreshment points. The documents provides also diet indications for the day before and after the race.