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TRM Training Camps

Do you want to train, have fun and meet international trail runners?

Join or buy a Trail Running Camp as a special gift, it is an extraordinary “adventure”!

TRM organizes exclusive group trail running training sessions of several days in unique locations: the Alte Vie in Italy or around the Mont Blanc.

Would you like to learn all the trail running secrets in a full immersion of a few days?

Would you like to learn the best trail running techniques for improving your training, nutrition and race management in a short time?

Make a smart investment and skip steps!

In a few days you will learn from the TRM Coaches what normally takes years of experience and effort.

Sign up for a Trail Running Camp now. Places are limited!

How do the Trail Running Camps work?

The TRM Camps take place only once a year. They are perfect for those athletes who planned to run ultra trails > 100km and need to train on several days in a row to develop endurance.

What you will learn

  • how to prepare for an Ultra Trail
  • how to choose the equipment, technical clothing and gear
  • how to optimize weights and volumes of the trail running backpack
  • how to be efficient in alternating run-walk-run
  • how to use trail running poles to save energy
  • how to manage running at night and what you need to know about the headlamps
  • how to manage nutrition and supplementation while racing
  • how to do micro-sleeps

Are you ready to join the group and start your “adventure” with the TRM Coaches?
Do as they did …

Joao Da Costa, 41 years – Luxembourg

I participated in the Mont Blanc Camp after several experiences of camps and stage races, my favorites overall! I practice trail running also because I like meeting new people and having fun together and a couple of beers…. I enjoyed the 4 days around the Mont Blanc with TRM and I also found it instructive. I tried the nutritional plan and I saw immediately the difference on the performance.

Atilio Maresca, 63 years – Buenos Aires

I am an expert long-distance running athlete and also an Iron Man Finisher. I met TRM the year I registered for the Tor 330km. I decided to join the TRM Endurance Stage organised on the race track because I am not used to high technical mountains. The TRM Coaches followed me step by step, to improve my descent technique on difficult tracks, use of the poles, optimize the weight of the backpack. At the end they also helped me to prepare the race plan!

Lawrence Brennan, 45 years – London

The Mont Blanc Camp is a real full immersion, you have the opportunity to learn by doing and receive all kinds of tips about trail running. Ideal for people like me, who do not have much time to train but want to compete on ultra > 170km! I found the advice received on nutrition and hydration management during a race very professional and useful.

TRM Trail Running Camps 2024 are already planned. Our Trail Running Camps cooming soon:

Trail Running Camp Mont Blanc – Format: 170K, 90K, 50K; 25 – 28 July 2024

Trail Running Camp TOR  2024 – Format: 9 Stages, choose 1 or more days; 29 June; 14 July; 20 – 21 July; 26-27-28 July; 3 -4 August

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