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TRM Training Plans

Do you have a training issue? 
Discover the TRM Training Plans

You do not know how to train for trail running or you are not improving your race performance?

Do you recognize yourself in this situation?

  • Disorganized planning of training sessions and trail running competitions
  • Limited performance improvements over time
  • Difficulty in defining the right training pace and race strategy
  • Long physical recovery time after training or demanding trail running competitions
  • Frequent injuries

You’re training badly …
Do not waste time and money.
Choose the online training program that best suits your personal needs!

TRM Team offers numerous personalized professional training programs, but suitable for all types of athletes: beginners, experts, élites.

Choose your program right away and start training guided by a team of Coaches and professionals specialized in trail running.

Hundreds of athletes all over the World are already training successfully thanks to the TRM Method.

Apply for a specific training plan for trail running: TRM Training Plan

How do the TRM Training Programs work?

All training programs are developed on the specifics characteristics of the athlete defined by a profiling questionnaire.
The training programs are unique, personalized and they are delivered online to the athlete every month via email.

The basic program, which has been tested on athletes of all levels in 5 Continents, includes:

  • performance analysis questionnaire
  • tests for the determination and verification of the Heart Rate zones of reference for the training sessions, ascensional and descensional speed
  • personalized training plans
  • assistance for the definition of the race calendar and goals
  • general advices on nutrition and supplementation
  • support when shopping for shoes, clothing, equipment and technology
  • assistance via email in case of doubts and needs (within 48h) and by phone in case of urgency
  • a web conference call every three months
  • registration to the WhatsApp Athletes Community with discounts on products, competitions, events.

Yes, I want a TRM Training Plan

Choose the right training program for you and start training for your next goal now.


Kirill Skorobogatov, 33 years – Tokyo

I live in the center of Tokyo and it’s not easy for me to train for trail running during the working week. I started training with TRM in 2016. The TRM Coaches have developed for me a special program that allows me to train uphill run skills even in the gym on the treadmill and using the internal stairs of some city buildings. So I could start preparing myself seriously for an Ultra Trail > 100km. Amazing!

Christiaan Vorster, 29 years – Cape Town

I met TRM in 2015, before I had been running marathons and short trail running races. I wanted to challenge myself with something longer but I did not know how to do it. In 1 year time, thanks to TRM I was able to rank in the first positions of several competitions and also to compete in a race of over 200km in extreme conditions, the Richtersveld Wildrun. What a goal, I almost did not believe it!

Christian Pizzatti, 42 years – Sondrio

I competed and won in many local races. After 8 months of training with TRM, the Coaches proposed me to join the Elite Team. In 6 months of preparation results arrived straight away and I was selected for the Italian Trail Running National Team. I will always remember the 2017 Trail World Championship and my fantastic 12th overall position!

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