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From 2018, Trail Running Movement can count on Digital Sport 360 (DS360), the innovative Startup that provides the digital platform for the training and nutrition programs with interconnections to sports applications and wearable devices or medical devices.

Digital technological development

The digital training platform aims to:

  • optimize the delivery of training and nutrition programs through apps and one-to-one relationship platforms between coach, nutritionist and athlete
  • provide elearning, etutoring and teleconsultation services to support the athlete and monitor his performance improvements

  • develop predictive models and algorithms machine learning type, aimed at evaluating the athlete’s psycho-physical condition also through the connection to wearable devices, biosensors and microchips useful for collecting data in real time

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Scientific medical research

The predictive models and algorithms of the digital platform are fed by the data and information obtained through researches or scientific studies developed in collaboration with Universities, National and International Institutes.

Data collection is obtained through the involvement of the international TRM Group of athletes or volunteers.

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