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Trail Running: tips for Nutrition and Supplementation

You cannot find the right mix to improve your performance during training or trail running competitions?

It’s relatively common for distance runners to experience some nutritional issues.

90% of the Trail Runners who contact TRM Coaches experience nutrition problems during ultra trail competitions such as, for example, the Ultra Trail around the Mont Blanc or the TOR of 330km in the Aosta Valley.

Nutritional issues arise in different ways:

  • sense of fatigue or general exhaustion
  • poor performance and lack of energy during training and trail running competitions
  • hyperglycemia problems during ultra trail running races
  • difficulty in recovering the physical condition after training or demanding trail running competitions
  • high frequency of injuries due to a decrease in concentration

These problems are directly or indirectly related to an inadequate daily diet or to a wrong intake and supplementation during sports practice.

Are you a beginner, advanced or expert trail runner? Find out how you can solve all nutrition and supplementation issues and enjoy trail running.

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Trail Running nutrition studies

The TRM Team has been engaged for 10 years in identifying the best solution for the nutrition and supplementation issues in ultra trail running competitions.

TRM sponsored the most important scientific research in the World on nutritional implications for ultra-endurance athletes: the TransPyrenea Extreme Project.

During the 14 days of the Transpyrenea competition, the longest endurance trail running race in the World (898km, 55.000m D +), a team of researchers monitored the blood glucose level of the TRM Coaches and 40 athletes. The aim was to understand how the intake of sports nutrition products affected: vital functions, performance and injuries.

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Thanks to the results of the research, TRM developed the nutritional plans TRM Nutrition Plan.

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Trail Running Nutrition Tips