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TRM Project Transpyrenea EXTREME

Project Transpyrenea Extreme

The Project TransPyrenea Extreme

A trail running competition becomes an opportunity to conduct the most important trail running scientific research ever organized worldwide and in the history of this outdoor sport discipline. The scientific research will involve 48 selected international athletes from more than 10 countries who will join the two professional athletes of the TRM Endurance Team.

The TransPyrenea, a new Ultra Trail, that will challenge the physical and mental capabilities of 350 participants, becomes the privileged arena of an “on field” unprecedented scientific research which aims to study the human psico-phisical limits. The global research is organized by TRM (Trail Running Movement), a service sport company specialized in endurance mountain trail running and leader in professional training programs, with the involvement of two CNR (Italian National Research Council) Research Institutes, a University Research Center and a Private Nutritional Research Company.

350 international athletes, alongside the TRM Endurance Team, will have 400 hours of time (about 16 days) to complete the TransPyrenea trail track of 898km and 55.000 meters of elevation gain.

Exceptionally, the great sport challenge will be shared in real time before, during and after the race, through publications, events, press conferences, social networks, blogs and video-storytelling available to trail runners and to the scientific community through all TRM communication channels and/or other media interested to testify this extraordinary adventure.

The goals of the Project TransPyrenea Extreme

The TransPyrenea race is a unique opportunity to investigate the limits of human being sport performance and scientific sport knowledge.

TRM has launched the Project TransPyrenea Extreme in order to achieve three main goals:

  • gather scientific parameters related to extreme psycho-physical performance,
  • test a brand new “extreme” training methodology for trail running races over 330km.
  • test trail running products and materials in extreme usability and wheather conditons

This latter product test will lead to the certification “TRM 900km”, a special recognition given by the TRM Endurance Team to the TRM partner’s products and services tested for 6 months. During this period the TRM Team will test the products in “real” conditions, following a specific testing protocol.

The project will be the pivot around which will be organized the World Wide TRM Communication Campaign focusing on extreme endurance outdoor sports, products and training methodology for ultra trail competitions.

TransPyrenea, la Grande Traversée

The TransPyrenea race, which crosses the Pyrenees (The Great Barrier) from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, is about to become the toughest endurance race in the world. The race runs mainly along the GR10 trail, passing through 5 French departments, 3 major regions and hundreds of towns and villages and touching peaks between 2.500mt and beyond 3.000mt altitude. The 350 competitors from 40 countries, have 400h (16 days) to complete the 898km in semi self-sufficiency, managing the time available and in compliance with the strict competition rules.

The race is organized by Raid Sahara Organization (RSO), one of the best outdoor service companies organizing Raid and competitions all over the world in 5 continents: in addition to TransPyrenea, many trailers already well know the Trans Oman, Trans China, Trans Sahara, Trans Santiago, Trans Arabia and Patagonia Race.

The protected natural areas crossed by trailers during the competition are:

  • Reserve of Nyer
  • Reserve of Py
  • Reserve of Mantet
  • Protected site of Bouillouses
  • Parc Regional Parc of Pyrénées Ariégeoise
  • Parc Regional Parc of Pyrénées

Race admission criterias for participants

Athletes have been selected on the basis of a personal Dossier and Sports CV:

  • Trail Running and/or mountain expeditions experience
  • Long-distance and/or multi-stage races experience (to determine the level of responsibility acquired)
  • Experience in managing self autonomy and safety equipment 

Technical data of the competition

  • Performing date: From 19th July to 4th August 2016
  • Length and altitude gain: 898km; 52.900mt D+; 52.900mt D-
  • 350 international athletes
  • Duration: max 400 hours
  • 4 Life Bases; 25 Check Point (CP); 36 Refreshments Points
  • 2.500gr average backpack weight (required 6000 calories at the departure) included safety tracking device, sleeping bag and the hazard warning.