Test Extreme Product

 TRM Project Transpyrenea Extreme – Test Extreme Product

The idea of testing trail running products in “extreme” conditions during the longest Endurance Ultra Trail in the World was born from the partnership between Trail Running Movement® (TRM®) and Raid Sahara Organization (ROS), organizer of the TransPyrenea. Sport products of different brands will be tested by the TRM Team athletes in the coming months in races and training camps. The selected products will be used during the TransPyrenea competition. The Transpyrenea will be a final test “on field” of 898km and 55,000 d+ to obtain a final certification of “extreme products”.

The tests will be carried out following a shared protocol with the brands during TRM Trail Camps or Races in which the TRM Team participates.

In 2016, the 10 events selected for the tests are:

  • TRM Trail Camp Alta Via Apuane = 30 km, 1.500 D+ (Tuscany)
  • TRM Trail Camp Alta Via 5 Terre = 40 km, 2.000 D+ (Liguria)
  • TRM Trail Camp Alta Via 2 = 60 km, 4.000 D+ (Aosta Valley)
  • TRM Race UTCD = 90 km, 4.500 D+ (Spain)
  • TRM Race X-Alpine = 111 km, 8.400 D+ (Switzerland)
  • TRM Race The Abbots Way = 125 km 5.600 D+ (Tuscan-Emilian Apennines)
  • TRM Race Peneda Geres = 280 km, 16.500 D+ (Portugal)
  • TRM Stage Alta Via 5 Terre = 41 km, 2.600 D+ (Liguria)
  • TRM Stage CCC = 101 km, 6.092 D+ (Italy, Switzerland, France)
  • TRM Stage UTMB = 167 km, 9.500 D+ (Italy, Switzerland, France)

The final phase, that will award the Extreme Product 900 km certification, will take place from 19 July to 4 August at the TransPyrenea Race 898 km, 55,000 D + (France).

The selections for the brands interested in participating are open: info@trailrunningmovement.com