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About us

#1 Endurance Trail Running Coach

We are professional and certified coaches with over 10 years of experience in races up to 900km


We help all athletes to overcome their limits in the toughest races in the World

The Company

We are experts in training and nutrition programs for Endurance and Ultra Trail Running

Our Strengths

Use of Innovative Technologies

Scientific and Medical Know-how

Proprietary Training Method


  • 2013

    Trail Running Movement was born thanks to the intuition of professional trail running athletes and multinational managers: Marco Mori, Cristina Tasselli, Michele Tasselli and Marco Biasotti
  • 2014

    End of the most extensive global market research on running and trail running market ever done and launch of TRM Company as an individual enterprise
  • 2015

    Launch of the TRM TRAINING PLANS and TRM TRAIL CAMPS on the Alte Vie of Italy
    Worldwide Advertising Campaign in partnership with the Tor des Géants, marketing promotion of the TRM Endurance Stages
  • 2016

    Company transformation into a Ltd and international expansion at the Salon Ultra Trail Mont Blanc
    Partnership with RSO for the promotion of the Transpyrenea Project
    Sponsorship of a scientific research on endurance sports: TransPyrenea Extreme
  • 2017

    Affiliation program SportPass Decathlon with TRM Run2Trail programs
    Launch of the TRM Nutrition Plans
    Organization of the scientific research on the TRM Mental Training
    Participation in the Trail Running World Championship with Christian Pizzatti
  • 2018

    Partnership with the organization of the Alta Via dei Parchi 501km (AVP501). The longest race in Italy.
    Digitalization of all processes and introduction of a new digital training platform
    Launch of the B2B channel

La storia


Trail Running Movement nasce dall’intuizione di atleti professionisti di trail running e manager di multinazionali: Marco Mori, Cristina Tasselli, Michele Tasselli e Marco Biasotti


Termine della più vasta ricerca di mercato globale sul running e trail running e avvio della società TRM impresa individuale


Lancio dei programmi di allenamento TRM TRAINING PLAN e dei TRM TRAIL CAMP sulle Alte Vie d’Italia
Promozione internazionale con il Tor des Géants, dei TRM Endurance Stage


Trasformazione societaria in SRL ed espansione internazionale al Salon Ultra Trail Mont Blanc
Partnership con RSO per la promozione della Transpyrenea
Sponsorizzazione della ricerca scientifica sugli sport di endurance: TransPyrenea Extreme


Affiliazione SportPass Decathlon con i programmi TRM Run2Trail
Lancio dei programmi alimentari TRM Nutrition Plan
Organizzazione della ricerca scientifica sul TRM Mental Training
Partecipazione al Campionato del Mondo di Trail Running con Christian Pizzatti


Partnership con l’organizzazione della Alta Via dei Parchi 501km (AVP501). Gara più lunga di italia.
Digitalizzazione dei processi con la nuova piattaforma digitale di allenamento
Apertura del canale B2B

TRM Coaches

Marco Mori

Certified Athletic Trainer CONI and international Athlete. Passionate about extreme sports, he is the only athletic coach in the World who ever ran 900km non-stop. He is finisher of almost 100 ultra trail races in the World ranking in the first places of his category. He is President and manager of sports companies and clubs

Cristina Tasselli

Certified Athletic Trainer CONI with a specialization in Sports Nutrition and Supplementation. Former middle-distance Athlete converted to trail running, today is the only Italian Woman and athletic coach to have raced on a distance of 900km. Counts +100 international ultra trail competitions and podiums > 100km. She is President and manager of sports companies and clubs. Author of several trail running articles and product reviews in Italian, English and Spanish, she also manages TRM Blog

Michele Tasselli

Certified Athletic Trainer CONI and international Athlete. Former professional athlete of Kick Boxing. He has a multisport experience: running, diving, swimming, skiing, mountain biking. He has competed in dozens of races, including the Tor Des Geants 330km. He is a Counselor of all the Group sports companies

Nadia Mondello

FIDAL (Italian Athletics Federation) Athletic Trainer, level 2. Former track sprinter athlete with numerous podiums. She coaches high potential youth athletes of athletic track and cross country. She is responsible for all the track training sector for the youth categories at the “Campo Giurati” in Milan. She is a member of the Board of Directors of TRM Team ASD

TRM Expert

They are the professionals of different disciplines who collaborate on a permanent basis with TRM

Sports Nutrition & Supplementation

Felicina Biorci.
Nutritionist Biologist, graduated in Biological Sciences. She is a Professor of Alimentary Behavior at SUISM. She is a member of the Scientific Committee of SANIS and an Honorary Member of ESNS, European Sport Nutrition Society. Responsible for nutrition in the Transpyrenea Extreme Research Project. Professional Archery Athlete

Psychology & Mental Coaching

Silvia Petrini.
Graduated in Psychology, she is specialized in Sport Coaching. In 2017 she conducted the Mental Training research on Ultra Trail TRM athletes with the “Sfera Method“. She is a Mountain Bike Athlete

Medicine & Physiotherapy

Sergio Migliorini.
Surgeon specialist in Sports Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
President of the Medical Commission of the World Triathlon Federation (ITU).
Member of the Interfederal Commission World Federation of Sports Medicine.

Several professionals assist athletes in case of injury or functional recovery programs. Among them: Roberto Scarano, Massimo Sicheri, Giampiero De Petri, Michele Soldati, Walter Villa

Sports Marketing, Promotion & Communications

Marco Biasotti and Aldo Pugnetti

Since 5 years, TRM has been working with The Optimist. The agency delivers branding and communication projects and it is specialized in consumer goods and sports. The Optimist has designed the logo, the coordinated image of TRM and creates all the materials for the on and offline communication, exhibitions, events and merchandising of the Group

I soci fondatori

Cristina Tasselli
Laureata in materie economiche, Master in Business Administration, Specializzazioni in Marketing, Comunicazione e Digital Strategy. Esperienze manageriali in multinazionali tra cui Fiera Milano, Kuoni, Carglass – Belron, Jolly Hotels, Alitalia dove ha ricoperto ruoli dirigenziali in ambito strategico, vendite e marketing. Dal 2016 è Direttore Strategico e Marketing di TRM (Trail Running Movement). E’ Presidente di Digital Sport 360 e dirigente di associazione FIDAL.
Marco Mori
Laureato in materie economiche e giuridiche, Master in Business Administration e in Marketing e Comunicazione, specializzazione in Competitive Marketing Strategy alla Columbia University, certificazione in Digital Strategy. Ha ricoperto ruoli manageriali nel business management internazionale, innovazione di canali distributivi off e online in multinazionali nei financial servicies occupandosi anche di consulenza direzionale. E’ Presidente e dirigente di TRM Team ASD FIDAL. In passato Presidente del Club Rotary Milano International.