TRM Training Plan
Multi Sport

The TRM Training Plan Multi Sport is a PROFESSIONAL program based on the TRM Method, a system tested in firsthand by the TRM Coaches and on hundreds of athletes all over the World. Each training plan is UNIQUE and CUSTOMIZED.
The training tables are developed with a retro-planning mode, starting from the goal races of the year. Workloads are progressive and modified every mesocycle, evaluating the athlete performance improvements.




The training program enables to:

  • optimize the training with a progressive adaptation to the trail running discipline through sessions and exercises complementary to your primary sport practiced
  • balance workloads considering training, competitions and recovery time of the different sports
  • minimize the risk of injuries caused by functional overload
  • improve your running technique on different terrains, uphill and downhill
  • choose and properly use trail running shoes, materials and gear


Your training program is

  • personalized: it is built exclusively on the psycho-physical characteristics of the athlete
  • gradual: it is based on progressive workloads
  • flexible: it adapts to personal, family and professional needs
  • convenient: it is a pdf document sent by email and can be consulted via PC, smartphone and tablet
  • guaranteed: it is based on the direct experience of the TRM Coaches, certified professionals and international athletes.


The training program includes:

  • support in defining the race calendar
  • monthly training tables
  • general advice on sports nutrition
  • guidelines to avoid or manage injuries
  • advices on the purchase of gear, shoes and technology
  • email assistance in case of doubts or in-depth analysis (within 48h)
  • opportunity to join the WhatsApp TRM Athletes Group
  • access to the Strava TRM Team Club


The training program Multi Sport is suitable for:

  • athletes practicing other sports (i.e.: triathlon, mountain bike, cycling, ski mountaineering, cross country skiing) with a running experience of at least two years and some knowledge of training terminologies related to Athletics.


To start the program you need to:

  • identify the training program considering your goal race distance of the year
  • choose the duration of the program, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months. Keeping in mind that long the distance races require more training time
  • send the necessary documentation for personal identification and fulfillment of legal obligations (identity document, health ID card, medical certificate)
  • proceed to payment

After completing the procedure for the purchase and delivery of the documents, within 2 working days the Secretariat will send you the link to complete the Athlete Questionnaire (Assessment) and will confirm the start date of the program.

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Multi Sport”