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Mental Strenght

The Assessment Mental Strenght enables to define the athlete’s profile from the point of view of the ability to recruit the psychological resources necessary to increase sports performance at the highest levels.
The analysis, via online questionnaire, is preliminary and essential to undertake the path of Mental Strength guided by a Professional Coach.

This Assessment investigates several areas, including:

  • self evaluation and self-efficacy
  • definition of objectives and strategic planning
  • management of concentration and emotions before, during and after the race
  • management of performance anxiety and activation cability
  • resistance to mental fatigue and perception of effort
  • energy management and effective planning of the recovery phase
  • self talk




The Assessment Mental Strenght enables to:

  • identify mental strengths and areas of improvement aimed at sports performance
  • transfer to the Mental Coach the necessary information to quickly and effectively undertake the process of optimization of mental aspects
  • receive initial feedback on the priority areas to work on to achieve personal and sporting goals


The Assessment Mental Strenght is indicated for:

  • trail runners or road runners who want to optimize all aspects of athletic training. Mental training is, in fact, a multiplier factor in sports performance
  • ultra trail runners who are about to face races over 100km with the consequent need to manage mental fatigue crisis and decrease of motivation, reduced concentration and anxiety related with long distance competitions
  • Elite trail runners who wish to maximize their performance in National and International competitions or in the Championships. The efficient activation of mental energies and the management of pre-race emotions play a fundamental role in achieving the goals


To start the Assessment Mental Strenght you need to:

  • send the necessary documentation for personal identification and fulfillment of legal obligations (identity document, health ID card, medical certificate)
  • proceed to payment

After completing the procedure for the purchase and delivery of the documents, within 2 working days the Secretariat will send you the link to complete the questionnaire and will confirm the start date.

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