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Mental Strenght

The Test Mental Strenght it is composed of several steps:

  • the compilation of one or more questionnaires to check the progress achieved after the individual and personalized coaching sessions
  • a feedback of the mental strength Coach.

The coaching program provides a continuous monitoring of the results obtained. Between a coaching session and the other you will define, in agreement and with the support of your TRM Coach, the activities that you will perform during the outdoor training sessions, in order to train the identified mental skills.
At each coaching session you will therefore have an evidence of the progress achieved in order to better reformulate the subsequent objectives.
After each coaching session, you will fill out an online questionnaire related to the coaching sessions attended and the improvements obtained.
The entire program will end with a test questionnaire in order to evaluate personal results.
The results are always monitored in both qualitative and quantitative terms.

The online questionnaire consists of a series of questions related to the mental coaching sessions attended. We will analyze you improvements in some strategic areas of mental strength:

  • correct self-assessment
  • consistent definition of objectives
  • management of concentration and emotions
  • anxiety mitigation
  • ability to activate the mental power before the race
  • speeding up post-competition mental energy recovery phase.




The Test Mental Strenght enables to:

  • evaluate the improvements in a concrete way
  • set new goals, with a view to continuous improvement
  • benefit from the feedback of an expert Mental Coach, able to suggest a different vision and perspective


The Test Mental Strenght is the last part of the personalized Mental Coaching program and represents the closing moment of the cycle of coaching sessions held in the previous months.


To start the test you need to:

  • having attended at least 70% of the TRM Mental Strength program sessions
  • proceed with the payment

The test will be delivered within 5 working days after completed the purchase procedure. The Secretariat will send you the link to the Test by email. At the end of the test, within 14 days the final feedback will be sent to the email box indicated by the athlete.

Purchase Conditions


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