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Purchase Conditions


The programs are purchased with prepayment, with the possibility of withdrawal and / or full or partial reimbursement depending on the conditions under which they are regulated.


The program can be purchased with:
  • Credit Card:
    Secure payment through GestPay that manages the main credit and debit cards
  • Bank Transfer:
    TRM Team ASD, Banca Sella IBAN IT92B0326801607052979323470
  • PayPal:
    Through the link and entering the desired program amount

Withdrawal and refunds

The withdrawal from the program is foreseen and consequent the reimbursement:
  • withdrawal and full reimbursement. You must apply for it 3 days before the start date of the training program. The withdrawal notice must be sent with Midnight (24:00 hours) on the 4th day prior the start date at the following address: and contextually to the PEC address:
  • partial refund. You can apply for it after the start of the training program and before the end date. The calculation of the reimbursement will be made deducting the fixed and variable costs already incurred: administrative costs 35.00 euros; costs related with the athlete assessment 49.00 euros; bank fees 5.00 euros; cost of the training tables already developed and sent to the athlete. The calculation of the computable cost to the training tables is made considering: prepayment of the program – the fixed costs just illustrated. To get the cost of each training table, calculate the total cost of the tables divided by the number of months of the program. Example. 6-months program reimbursement (600 euros) requested after 3.5 months. 600 – 35 – 49 – 5 = 511/6 = 86 * 2.5 = 213 euros. The calculation and refund via bank transfer will require 10 working days.

For any need or clarification you can write to: or to:

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