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Have you received the confirmation letter for the Ultra Trail of Mont Blanc or for a TOR taking place in the Aosta Valley?

Congratulations! … now your goal is to become a Finisher!

In such an uncertain year it will be a great satisfaction to cross the finish line … the time has come to move from dream to reality: choose a structured athletic preparation to face this BIG challenge without leaving anything to chance.

Endurance races are complex to prepare, full of unexpected events, difficult to manage in many aspects: training, nutrition and race strategy. A professional support makes the difference and will help you to make your dream come true.

You are in the right place, every year the TRM Coaches help many athletes, Italians and Strangers, to cross the finish line.

For 2021 we have prepared for you a “Special Endurance Kit“, you can choose one or more services to become a Finisher!

A personalized training plan, tailor-made for you by your Coach who will follow you up to the starting line.

Training Plan 330Km         Traning Plan 167Km           Training Plan 120Km

A personalized nutrition program to best support you every day, uploaded on an easy-to-follow and consult App aligned with your training

Nutrition Plan Endurance         Nutrition Plan Ultra Trail

A group endurance training (TRM Camp) of 2 or 4 days in the high mountains, together with the TRM Coaches, athletic certified trainers and finisher athletes of the Transpyrenea 900K, Tor des Geants®, the UTMB®. During the Trail Running Can you will be able to perfect running techniques and nutrition, test micro-sleeps, ask for advice on gear, equipment and race management and … have fun … away from the worries of the Pandemic.

TRM Trail Running Camp Mont Blanc

The last secret weapon is the Race Strategy, a detailed race plan, your personal Road-Book where you will find described, point by point, exactly: what to eat, when to sleep, what materials to use and how to manage the climbs and descents and nights during your race

TRM Race Strategy Plan

What are you waiting for? Choose to become a Finisher.

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Email or Call now and talk to our TRM Coaches for a first “FREE” consultation!

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