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The TRM Team, always looking for different new events, that embody the true values ​​of sport, flew to Spain and participated in the Ultra Heroes contra Duchenne 84 km and 3.719 m D +, on the trails that cross the Sierra Gador and the Sierra Nevada.

TRM Team – Marco Mori, Cristina Tasselli

Heroes contra Duchenne is much more than a sporting event, it is an initiative that combines sport and solidarity to raise funds and finance new scientific studies on Duchenne and Becker syndromes. The start is in the Castala Park (Almería) and the arrival in the city of Laujar de Andarax (Almería) which, not even on purpose, gave birth to the aunt of one of our TRM Coaches.

Laujar de Andarax

The race track is beautiful and varied, challenging, alternating easy sections with rocky parts, but quite runnable. The departure is given before dawn from Castala Park and as soon as the sun rises the view never ceases to amaze. You run on the ridges from where you can see very far away, you pass through areas with Far West-type gorges and you enter the woods with high pine trees.

One of the most evocative parts of the race is the “La Hidroeléctrica“, a section that runs through the ancient canal that brought water to Laujar, a fantastic engineering work.

La Hidroeléctrica

The management and organization of the event was perfect and despite the Covid restrictions, the protocols and the masks, the warmth of the people did not change. You learn that we can also embrace each other with our eyes!

Cristina Tasselli 3 over all

We will be back for sure! Thanks to the Heroes contra Duchenne Organization.

Website event:https://uthcd.org/

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