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The Tor Des Geants is a fascinating but tough race that requires previous experience in endurance races and specific training. The race track develops on a 330km trail on the Alte Vie 1 and 2 of the Aosta Valley, from Courmayeur to Courmayeur. For the 10th anniversary of the competition, the VDA Trailers Organization has also organized a Super Tor: The Tor Des Glaciers 450km and 33,000mt of positive elevation The final track was communicated one month before the start. At the race were admitted only 100 selected trail runners already Finisher in less than 130h at the Tor des Geants 330km. The TRM Coaches have prepared one of the TRM athletes for this great challenge, Stefano Fonio, who successfully completed the competitions. On the other races, Federico Barucco and Marco Sciamanna were at the start line of the Tor Des Geants and Paolo Garindo at the Tor Dret.

What are the key factors that helped the athlete to cross the finish line? Here they are in summary:

  1. Specific 1-year training followed by the TRM Coaches and the TRM Nutritionist Dietician for both daily and training-racing nutrition
  2. Consistent Race Calendar
  3. Long Qualifying Running Sessions
  4. Detailed race plan
  5. 24H Assistance via WhatsApp during the race

WATCH the Video and experience the emotions! TRM GIANTS, TOR DES GLACES, TOR DES GEANTS, TOR DRET

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