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In the refreshment points of some trail running races, taking place around the World, you sometimes find type of foods that could cause you several problems. Elite runners can count on their professional crew but the other athletes might be tempted to intake aliments not useful during a competition.

Here is a MINI-GUIDE on the 4 aliments “Better Not”.

  • COOKIES. The biscuits are obviously not all the same. The quality of the product depends on the quantity and quality of the ingredients, on the production process used and on the preservation methods. Many products contain an excess of fats, including hydrogenated fats and preservatives. These products are absolutely to be avoided, because they are difficult to digest and the body cannot easily convert them into ready-to-use energy. Since it will be impossible for you to understand what kind of biscuits you find on the tables of the aid stations and you will not have the time to read the labels, do not eat them!
  • CHEESE, SALAMI, HAM. If you are running an ultra trail of no more than 170km, the intake of protein in the race is much less useful than that of carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral salts. Indeed it is often counterproductive. It requires long digestion times, processing and transformation into more useful energy. During the digestive process, in fact, the ingestion of proteins “steals” liquids, blood and a part of energy useful to the cardio circulatory system and to the muscles of the lower limbs engaged in the athletic performance. In addition to proteins, cheeses and cured meats are rich in saturated fats which do not constitute a useful source of energy in the race. Leave them on the refreshment point table and reward yourself at the end of the race.
  • FRESH FRUIT. The fruit is certainly a precious ally in Sports. It is rich in water, minerals, vitamins and fiber. But in a trail running race? During a competition it can cause undesirable effects such as gastro-intestinal disorders that normally do not occur in everyday life, but appear or become acute when our body is under stress. We advise you not to take any fruit, including orange which can also cause acidity. And banana? It is an exception. It can be eaten, because it is tolerated by the majority of athletes. We suggest you to take it in small bites, a little at a time.

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