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There are 10 mistakes in the preparation for Trail Running that might have a negative impact on your entire racing season, let’s see them together. The month of January and beginning of February, for those who have not decided to anticipate the Season debuting at the Transcanaria Ultra Trail, is still a transition period for the trail running training. Once the waiting phase of the draws for the races around the Mont Blanc, UTMB, CCC, OCC, is over and registrations for the Tor des Geants are open, it is time to focus on the goals of the next Trail Running Season.

During the preparation of the trail running competitive Season, there are several mistakes that many trail runners do.

Which are the *MISTAKES* to avoid doing?

Here are the 10 TOP MISTAKES:

  1. Continue to compete non-stop and do not plan a phase of psychophysical recovery between competitions and or between each Season
  2. Do not define a race calendar and instinctively register for any competition regardless of the distance, your characteristics and preparation with the belief that it will anyway be good for your training and you will enjoy
  3. Choose, during the first months of the year, long-distance races without planning a progressive approach, risking injuries and general fatigue and arriving at your race goal of the year without energy
  4. Confuse the general preparation with the specific preparation. In the first phase, at the beginning of the Season, it is important to work on speed, the threshold, quality training and targeted exercises. The long runs should have a different scope and should not shorted. Subsequently, you will focus on the development of endurance, increase of chilometers, long runs in the mountains with d+
  5. Perform extra workouts not scheduled on your training plan, if you have one. Adding volume, intensity or cross-training practice not expected will increase  the risk of over-training
  6. Define an unsuitable workout plan for muscle strengthening in terms of exercises, intensity, weights and number of repetitions for the type of competitions in which you want to perform. The result is often to gain body weight which makes it more difficult to run uphill and easier to injure yourself downhill
  7. Start to late with the preparation, skipping fundamental steps
  8. Do not take care of your nutrition and supplementation, finding yourself at the beginning of the Season with additional weight to eliminate and blood values ​​out of the norm
  9. Do not plan a general check-up on your physical condition, including specific blood tests, to verify the need for any additional supplementation
  10. Do not take advantage of this period of the year to alternate the type of shoes you are using, going from trail running shoes to cushioned ones designed for road running and vice versa


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