| Cristina Tasselli |

The race strategy for an Ultra Trail race, especially if it lasts for more than one day, such as a 170km competition or the TOR, is really tough. The athlete must have a thorough knowledge of his physical characteristics and he also needs to study the race track and the weather conditions. Analyzing  what happened in other similar competitions, during his training sessions and specific tests performed, it is possible to determine with a certain accuracy the time schedule between one refreshment point and another, the stops, the micro-sleeps and the nutrition strategy. Of course, to be able to plan your race you need time, effort and a lot of experience!

Here is a useful MINI-GUIDE on the main aspects you need to consider for your race strategy:

  • Calculate the approximate time schedule between one refreshment point and the other based on your average pace on similar trails, adding 20% ​​more in the first half of the race and up to 30% in the second part
  • Consider a 30% slowdown during the night sections
  • Plan an intake of  more sugary foods in the night sections, this will help you to stay awake
  • Alternate sweet and salty nutrition cycles to avoid hyperglycemia problems. When evaluating the various sugary-based foods, do not forget to calculate and sum the % of sugar contained in your energy drinks or in coca-cola
  • Plan all your stops, when, where, how long and what you will do at each refreshment point. Make sure you respect the times
  • Define the places and duration of the micro-sleeps based on your sleep cycle analysis that you have identified and experienced in training. Do not go beyond the REM phase
  • Bring a copy of the race plan always with you in your backpack
  • Insert in your Drop Bag that you will find at the life base a copy of your race plan, if you do not have the assistance it will help you to remember what to do
  • Remember that whatever you do not plan will be a threat to the success of your race. When you will be tired you will have more difficulties to decide what to do

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