In Ultra Trail races, that take place in the high mountains, the weather conditions often change. You can run for a while in the heat, sometimes excessive, and then, at night, register a temperature below 0. It can rain, hail and even snow. So it was in so many Tor des Geants and UTMB past editions. Many trail runners do not consider some important aspects. They take care of the water columns of the jacket listed in the mandatory equipment but they forget to focus on the research and purchase of other items such as: waterproof over gloves, pants, hat with visor.

Here are the risks you take and some useful tips for purchasing the best equipment!

  • Waterproof gloves: they are essential to avoid freezing your ends and risk losing the use of fingers. It is better to consider Brands producing gloves for ski touring that also guarantee breathability. Buy a size that consents you to wear also a warm under-glove and allows air to circulate inside. In the case of particularly adverse conditions, take care to opt for ski gloves.
  • Waterproof trousers: they are indispensable to prevent freezing your adductors that would no longer allow you to make natural movements and walk quickly. Choose pants that also have a side zip opening so you can slip them on and take them off faster. Eventually, you may also open them to the sides, if the temperature rises.
  • Waterproof Hat with visor: it is useful for not getting your head wet and losing more heat, letting rain water slip and allowing you to see better even if you do not wear glasses.

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