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Milan, 14 April 2016 – At the  Headquarter of the most important running magazine in Italy “Correre”, was presented the unprecedented on field research project that will involve 50 athletes participating in the first edition of TransPyrenea, the hardest endurance trail in the World – 898 km and 55 thousand meters of elevation gain – scheduled from July 19 to August 4, 2016.

A project developed by TRM – Trail Running Movement – together with two institutes of the CNR (National Research Council) and two Italian research centers SUISM and Sanis.

<< The first edition of the TransPyrenea, with its 898 km and 55 thousand meters of elevation gain, represents a unique opportunity for a research that has no precedent in the World and that, in addition to being relevant for the International Scientific Community, will lead both to the testing of a professional training methodology adapted to an extreme endurance race in only stage and to the TRM Certification of the partner’s products and services used during the competition >> announced Cristina Tasselli, ultra trailer, co-founder and member of the Team TRM Endurance Team at the opening of the press conference for the presentation of the TransPyrenea Extreme project.

With her, the other co-founder of TRM, the ultra trailer Marco Mori, who is also involved in the research as a member of  the TRM Endurance Team, who announced: << With the presentation of the TransPyrenea Extreme Project officially starts the recruitment campaign of other 48 selected athletes taking part in the TransPyrenea and who voluntarily will join this unprecedented research. We will start from the data collected during other competitions, such as the Tor des Géants, but for the first time we will extend the period of scientific observation to the 4 months prior to the race and a month after the race, in addition to the tests performed during the race . The other new aspect of the research is the deepening of the nutritional aspects, through advanced technologies >>.

A unique project in the World, which involves, as well as Raid Sahara Organization, organizer of the race, also two research institutes of the CNR and two Italian research centers SUISM and Sanis, international leaders and that have already conducted research projects on ultra trails, ironman and other endurance sports.

<< I confirm: the TransPyrenea is an exceptional opportunity for us as researchers, we can carry out a study in particularly extreme situations – continued Dr. Lorenza Pratali, CNR Institute of Clinical Physiology medical researcher – The study will be focused on the acute effects of the intense and prolonged effort associated with alterations of the sleep-wake cycle that may cause cognitive deficits and cardiovascular dysfunction, but also on the evaluation of the contribution of other factors such as oxidative stress, the response of the autonomic system hydration status >>.

<< Alongside the research of the CNR, my team will conducted a scientific study on nutrition and energy mechanisms of the human body during sport performance – added Dr. Felicina Biorci biologist, expert nutritionist in competitive endurance sports of the SUISM Turin and Sanis – For the first time we will use a special wearable – light weight – device that will allow us to monitor the athletes glycemia every 60 seconds, along with another innovative device, a portable vector for the  bioimpendence measurement to monitor hydration status>>.

Finally Marco Mori concluded: << All what will be going on during this months will be shared  step-by-step, with trail runners and the scientific community, during and after the race, through publications, events, press conferences, social networks, blogs and video-storytelling for the Scientific Community and all the Trail Runners >>.

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