The onset of blisters during an Ultra Trail is something quite common, especially beyond a certain race distance (>80km). The trail runners feet are subjected to continuous rubbing and friction, to sudden climatic changes, hot-cold, dry-wet, and inevitably they suffer from it.

There are two main aspects that can make a difference for the athlete:

  • prevention
  • immediate and correct treatment when the problem occurs.


The prevention consists of 3 fundamental steps:

  1. the skin of the foot must be carefully treated in time. Start 15-20 days before your competition by taking a foot bath every evening and applying a generous portion of zinc-based cream at the end. The best creams can be easily found in a pharmacy. Suspend the application of the cream 3 days before the race
  2. before the race apply elastic and water-resistant plasters on your feet areas most prone to blistering
  3. prepare an emergency kit to take with you, consisting of a needle and sewing thread, Betadine ampoule, Phytostimoline gauze, elastic patch.


When the blister is formed it is necessary to treat it immediately. Puncture the blister with the disinfected needle and leave a piece of thread inside to let the liquid out. Then, continue disinfecting the area with the Betadine and, finally, apply the Phytostimoline gauze and above it a resistant plaster. From time to time, you must continue to wash the foot, dry it and repeat the application for the duration of the competition.

Why you should not use a Compeed, or similar patch, during a race? The Compeed is a very valid product but it is less effective in situations of continuous movement and rubbing. If you use it during a race, once the blister has formed, continuing to run, the Compeed will prevent perspiration. The blister fluid will re-form under the patch, and as the hours pass, some pus mixed with serum will begin to form. When you will try to remove the Compeed your skin will come off leaving an open sore.

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