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What to drink at the refreshment points of a race?

Often when we think about the organization of an Ultra Trail we dedicate time to plan our nutrition, supplementation, the composition of the energy drink and we certainly do not worry about what we will drink at the refreshment points. So with the passing of the hours of the race, the fatigue, we start to significantly increase the mistakes made also about this matter. Yet we should remember that everything we do during an Ultra Trail may have a positive or negative implication in the success of our goal race, the one we have been dreaming of for months and that has taken us so long time to get ready for.

Here is a simple mini-guide to avoid the most common mistakes:


  • Water, plain or sparkling (if tolerated), taking care that it is at room temperature to avoid intestinal problems
  • Coca-Cola, better if diluted with water (half water and half coke) and paying attention to calculate correctly the q.ty of sugars taken with gels or other sugary based foods to avoid hyperglycemic crises
  • Tea, without lemon and with sugar control
  • Apple juice, diluted with water


  • Mineral salts, you do not know the composition, most of the times they are too concentrated and can cause intestinal problems
  • Coffee, can create intestinal problems, increase heart rate and cause a mild diuretic effect
  • Fruit juices, especially citrus based, they generate acidity and gastric reflux
  • Any kind of drink with milk

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Cristina Tasselli

Digital Strategic Marketing Director - certified Innovation Manager - in multinational companies, she is still today the only Italian female athlete to have ran 900 km and 55,000m D+ in the mountains in a single stage race (Transpyrenea 2016, 3rd women overall). She counts numerous Podiums and international Victories on races over 100k. She holds a SNaQ CONI certification as a Trail Running Coach, Athletic Trainer and in Nutrition and Sports Supplementation. Since 2014 she is President and sports executive of innovative technology startups and companies, including Trail Running Movement and Digital Sport 360. She trains elite trail running athletes and she teaches in trail running coach certification courses. She is an author of sports articles on training, nutrition and supplementation in trail running and running, both in Italian and in English and Spanish. She manages relationships and collaborations with Federations and Race Organizers.