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Calcium is a mineral present in high quantities in the human body and is important for bones, teeth, muscles, stimulation of cellular metabolism and, finally, the balance of the nervous system. In endurance sports, such as trail running, calcium plays a key role in performance. Let’s analyze together how calcium interferes with our body.

Why is calcium an essential mineral for endurance sports?

A calcium deficiency can cause various problems to the trail runner, among the main negative consequences we find:

  • The onset of muscles contractions and cramps
  • Bone fragility and increased risk of fractures
  • Fatigue and greater difficulty in recovery, due to reduced ability to use iron
  • Increase of body weight, due to reduced ability to eliminate fats from our body

Is calcium found only in milk derivatives?

Calcium is contained in high quantities in milk derivatives but not only. It is also present, for example, in fish, shellfish, egg white, meat, broccoli, soya, white beans, lentils, chickpeas, dehydrated fruit. You also find it in some mineral waters.

What is the daily calcium requirement for an athlete?

The daily calcium requirement varies according to age and sex. In general, the recommended daily quantities range from 800 to 1000 mg for adults and adolescents, while for women + 50 years the requirement dose rises to 1200 mg. The correct dosage varies from person to person and must be defined and agreed with a certified nutritionist or your family doctor, if competent in the matter.

Curiosity: Calcium, if taken 40 minutes before going to bed, will support you to sleep better. This will for sure help during high training load!

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