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There are some news regarding best carbohydrates to eat after training. We asked the nutritionist Dr. Felicina Biorci, who collaborates with TRM.

In particular, in the hours immediately after endurance exercise, several types of research have always indicated that foods rich in carbohydrates and nutrients quickly digested, absorbed and transported in the blood, could accelerate the re-synthesis of glycogen, a key factor when performing intense exercise for consecutive days or, sometimes, on the same day. And in a similar way, after a strength training, to stimulate muscle anabolism (growth), sugars are needed for rapid assimilation so as to increase the growth thrust given by the insulin, produced by the trained muscle and further increased by the intake of sugars. And so an excellent recovery seems to consist of fast assimilation carbohydrates, like a potato, equal to 0.5 to 0.6 g / kg of body weight.

But precisely because in addition to quality, the stimulation of quantity is needed, this contribution must be repeated every 30mn for the next two or four hours, or until the next complete meal.

So how many potatoes? 180g of potatoes for an athlete of 60kg, 250g of potatoes for an athlete of 80kg, 300g for an athlete of 100kg. Every 30 minutes for 4 hours.

Seeing is believing!

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