| Cristina Tasselli |
Your race was canceled due to the coronavirus or other reasons? You are definitely angry, disappointed and looking for solutions. Flexibility and ability to adapt to different situations are the two main qualities of a trail runner and a runner. A race canceled is always a possibility. Obviously you must put 100% of your concentration and effort on your sporting event, but it is important to have a B plan in case of cancellation, injury or state of form not in line with what you hoped to have.

TRM Coaches have prepared a mini-guide for you with tips on what to do if you cannot compete. You may also keep the advice valid for similar situations that may arise in the future.

Race Canceled, what to do:

  • From 1 to 3 weeks from the race, you are in the tapering period. Previously, you have certainly followed a training plan focusing on progressive load and demanding quality work. If you decide to return immediately to train for a competition, which takes place a month and a half later, without optimizing the preparation and skipping the recovery period, the risk is to arrive without energy to the new goal
  • Keep the training program defined and be ready to replace your race with a similar long run. Depending on the type of competition you were about to face, you can decide whether to cover the entire distance, decrease it or divide it over 2 days. You can also¬†SUBSCRIBE to the TRM Camp 5 Terre (5% discount, 90% refund of the fee), here you find all the info:¬†TRM Camp
  • You are not coming to the TRM Camp? Be creative, there is probably a path, a ring that you already had in mind to do. Go out and do it!
  • After your long run, plan a week of easy running, rest and cross-training before re-starting your training

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