Christian Pizzatti, twice at the Trail World Championships with the Italian national team, won the VIBRAM UTLO – Ultra Trail 100K in 12h07. The race with 6000m d+, starting and finishing in Omegna, presented a track made difficult by incessant rain, mud and fog. This has not prevented Christian from placing himself in the lead since the aid station of Alpe Camasca (37° km). The advantage, of few minutes at the beginning, gradually increased and the athlete finished in 1st overall position, 2nd Etienne Pillonel (12h48) with a gap of 41mn, followed by the 3rd Andreas Manz (12h55).

But what is behind this success? Simple, a great teamwork between the athlete, coaches, nutritionists and a perfect assistance team during the race. No results are reached by chance. Christian, post-injury 2018, followed an intensive training for long distance races. A mix of hard training, specific nutritional programs for endurance and physiotherapy protocols. Then, when the time of the race came, the Team planned everything in detail: nutrition, clothing, gear changes and the assignment of specific tasks at each one. The shared goal was the victory and they made it happen! 🏆

🎥 Live the excitement of the race, watch the video! UTLO 100K – The Race

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Thank you for the hospitality to Vibram UTLO – Ultra Trail

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Cristina Tasselli

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