Numerous studies show how body weight can make a difference in road running. In fact, we know that if an athlete gains 1kg of body weight he will decrease his running performance on road from 1 to 3 seconds per km. In the Ultra Trails the weight factor is even more decisive considering that the athlete must add more structured shoes, multi-layered clothing, various gear, energy products and drinks and mandatory equipment.

It is easy to increase the total weight of several kg!

How to manage all this before facing your Ultra Trail race goal of the year? Here are the elements you can work on, what to do and how much weight you can save:

  •  start a sports diet that will help you to achieves the optimal weight according to your race distance, considering both energy consumption and the loss of liquids (kg saved = up to 6kg in 1 year)
  • review the composition of your race backpack eliminating unnecessary parts (kg saved = 0.5-0.7kg)
  • reduce the weight of your food and liquids supply for the race (kg saved = 0.2-0.5kg)
  • choose low-weight technical gear and equipment (kg saved = 1-3kg)

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