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The Assessment Equipment allows you to receive a PROFESSIONAL feedback on all your trail running equipment and useful indications for future purchases. The characteristics observed include technical aspects, quality detected in the Tests conducted periodically by TRM and correspondence with the intended use based on the type of races, terrain and weather conditions. The data collected are processed by the TRM Coaches and TRM Professionals who provide a detailed report to the athlete.




The Assessment Equipment enables to:

  • obtain a professional feedback on all trail running equipment in terms of quality, performance and use compared to the type of races, training sessions and the characteristics of the athlete
  • receive indications of primary importance on what products need to be replaced to improve performance
  • receive suggestion on where to purchase products at the best price


The Assessment Equipment is useful for:

  • trail runners who train independently and want to have a professional feedback and advice on the most suitable product, gear and shoes to choose
  • trail runners who want to improve their performance and need to optimize all aspects

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