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Author: Dr. Felicina Biorci, TRM Team Nutritionist

The detox diet, of 2 or 3 days with light and draining foods, is especially recommended after Christmas and New Year or in general after long holidays, the important thing for the athlete is to quickly get in shape.

For Breakfast: at least 500 ml of herbal tea or plain water. Strictly no sugar, no sweetener. Black coffee and some almonds or unsalted pistachios: 30g, so as not to stimulate your glycemia and simulate situations similar to fasting. Then, during the morning, again ½ l of water or herbal tea.

For Lunch: 1 squeezed grapefruit, raw vegetables, so as to maintain the properties of vitamin C and folic acid. Plus 1 avocado, rich in useful fats (Avocado: the king of fats against aging) and freshly seared salmon in a pan. With the addition of fresh chopped basil, an ally to combat water retention. No fruit, but a good coffee without sugar to make your body understand that lunch is over. Again, during the afternoon, ½ l of water or herbal tea in the afternoon.

For Dinner: an abundant cup of vegetable broth, so as to start filling your stomach, leaving less room for high-calorie foods. It is proven – as well as easily understood – that starting the meal with non-caloric liquids, on average reduces by 20% the calories consumed after. Then 1 soft-boiled egg with 1 American sweet potato, some olives and a mixed vegetable salad as a side dish. All seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, without salt but with chili pepper, which contributes with a thermogenic effect to increase the calories burned, reducing the sense of hunger.

No bread, crackers or surrogates.

Only clean food to re-clean your body.

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