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Lorenzo Loss, athlete and CimAlp Tester, lives in Primiero, a small town in Trentino. He works on the ski lifts and the mountains have been an integral part of his life for years.

During our meeting he told us how his love for trail running and for any kind of challenges was born.

The first approach with running and the discover of trail running

I started running about fifteen years ago, in a particular moment of my life where I could no longer manage my emotions, I needed a get-away… so I left home for my first jog and I remember that it was not a great experience, in fact after a couple of kilometers I had to stop. The next day I tried again and I haven’t stopped since then. I ran a bit of everything, 10,000m, half marathons, marathons then, suddenly, I discovered trail running. A friend of mine invited me to a race near home and it was love at first sight indeed at the first step, it opened up to me a world extremely different from what I knew.

It’s hard to explain what it feels like to run on the trails and what the challenges represent

Trail running has become my greatest passion; it is difficult to describe in words what it feels like to run in nature, relying only on yourself and on your abilities. The difficulties that are encountered and that seem insurmountable dissolve in the light of a sunrise breathtaking landscapes. For me, competitions have become the excuse to visit new places and see new sunrises and sunsets, meet other people and undergo personal challenges where I am, first and foremost, the man to beat.

Some ultra trails like the Lavaredo or the Dolomyths run remained in my heart for their beauty, but above all for the people I met along the way, climbing and descending companions with whom I shared smiles and words of comfort in the hardest moments.

I have never had sensational results, I usually arrive in the first third of the runners, and I do not remember exactly my ranking, but the sensations of every time I crossed the finish line remain with me: the fatigue, the legs that look like marble (that unforgettable cramp ….), the thought “but who makes you do it” then immediately substituted by the programming of the next race. And then, again, the feeling of having made it, the pride, the happiness of seeing my family at the finish line and the 2 or 3 beers to celebrate, widely deserved … .

Running is my refuge and placebo

Running for me is a daily companion. I can count on it and it is a natural placebo for the many toads that life sometimes tries to make you swallow. It frees your mind from all that noise that surrounds us. It lets the breath dictate the rhythm of my thoughts, it tears the veil of illusions and puts my feet back in place, keeping them firmly on the ground. Running in nature is something visceral that belongs to me and closes a circle between my social life and who I really am.

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