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TRM Team is always looking to the future developing new services for trail running.

TRM Team is testing the 1st TRM Athletes Community dedicated to Italian trailers. In the Community athletes, with the same passion and energy for trail running, exchange information on races, car-sharing, room-sharing and are updated on product agreements, opportunities to join scientific researches, TRM events and much more.

The Italian TRM Athletes Community is only a pilot and in the future we have the aim to create other Communities for English, Spanish, French and German Speaking athletes.

11 athletes, trained by TRM, registered for the Ultra Trail Maremontana, on the two race distances 60km and 45km, met first online and then at dinner on site, during the race and finally victorious at the finish line with amazing stories to share together. Stories of those who run their first ultra trail running competition like Davide and those who managed to compete after 2 years of stop for a terrible injury like the TRM Coach Michele.

Congratulations to the 11 Super Finisher of Ultra Trail Maremontana, with a track running from the Sea to the Mountains and back: Simone, Luca, Roberto R., Roberto M., Davide, Sabrina, Michele, Lorenzo, Mattea, Paolo, Massimo.

You have been great!

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