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Every athlete has a dream. Dreams are lifeblood.
Someone dreams about finishing a 10Km run, the New York marathon, the Mont Blanc Ultra Trail, the Marathon Des Sables, the Tor des Geants or any other challenge trail running competition. Someone dreams of starting to run again after a serious illness. Everyone dreams of overcoming personal limits.

The task for coaches and managers is to make their athletes “dreams” become real, at least once in their life.
The TRM Team, is happy to have contributed to realize the dream of Christian Pizzatti: run at the Trail World Championships 2018. Christian Pizzatti was already selected to be part of the Italian Nation Team for Badia Prataglia where he arrived 1st Italian and 12th Overall.

Our best wishes to all athletes and the FIDAL Team that will accompany them to the international challenge in Spain. Obviously the TRM Team will be in Penyagolosa to record this extraordinary adventure and support Christian.

Here is the whole Italian National Team selected for the World Championships of Trail Running – Penyagolosa (Spain), 12 May 2018
M (6)
Riccardo Borgialli (Asd Bognanco)
Stefano Fantuz (Ssr La Colfranculana)
Andrea Macchi (Atl. Gavirate)
Christian Pizzatti (TRM Team)
Simone Wegher (Tornado)
Marco Zanchi (Gs Marinelli Comenduno)

W (4)
Chiara Bertino (Asd Podistica Torino)
Alessandra Boifava (Ultrabericus Team ASD)
Lisa Borzani (Bergamo Stars Atletica)
Lidia Mongelli (Atl. Correrepollino)

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