| Cristina Tasselli |

Since December 2017, for those athletes of the TRM Team who had targeted a long distance race such as an Ultra Trail or Endurance Trail up to 330km, began the phase of intensive preparation. They started from the Gym with specific circuit training strenghtening exercises for trail runners, 2-3 times a week, depending on the Goal race: OCC, CCC, UTMB, UT4M, TOTDRET  or TOR DES GEANTSFebruary and March has been the time for the first intermediate short distances races, just to see the training effectand check performance. During April-May the TRM Ultra Athletes started to run longer distances, 60-80-100km and to plan some 2 days run out in the Mountains.

June, July and August have been tough Months, dedicated to increase Endurance and Technical skillsOn what did they focusedUphill and downhill running techniquesNight run, Long distances run, 3 Days running in the Mountains and much more. They also tested nutrition, supplementation, gear and shoes.

The final result of all these hard work that they carried on guided by the TRM Coaches is all in this TRM ULTRA TRAIL FINISHER video clip: Ultra Finisher