Trail Running Movement is developing and has decided to invest on the TRM Team Elite, with an eye on the Trail World Championships 2019. This means that there will be more opportunities for athletes who wish to train and compete at a high level. The selection of new Champions in Italy has already started! Some of the new athletes, who will join the TRM Team Fidal, are not famous but they have a great potential and we love to invest on the future.

The Athletes of the TRM Team Elite will receive an economic contribution to spend 100% on the TRM Elite program including training plans, nutrition, potential analysis, athletic and nutritional tests, specialized consultancy of all professionals part of the TRM network, assistence and reimbursement of the expenses for the races. In addition, the athletes will be constantly monitored and supported remotely via the latest wearable devices and Apps. The Team Captain is Christian Pizzatti with already two participations in the Trail World Championships.

Among the selected athletes the top performers will be prepared to participate in the Italian qualifying race for the Trail World Championships 2019, the Maremontana 45k in March 2019.

Final list of selected athletes will be communicated on the 15th of November.

Looking for info about the TRM Team Elite Program for International Athletes? *CONTACT US*  info@trailrunningmovement.com

Elite Athletes