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gara di ultra trail running umt che si svolge in valle aosta


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Are you looking for a trail running race with breathtaking scenery? We have two unmissable proposals for you…

The Ultra Marathon du Fallère and the Tour du Fallère are two of the most beautiful and spectacular trail running races that take place in the Aosta Valley – on the border between Italy and Switzerland – in Saint Oyen, a small village located at the foot of the Comba of Bosses in the Gran San Bernardo valley.

The two ultra trail running races, with their demanding tracks and the beauty of the landscapes, have become a fixed appointment for athletes who are passionate about mountain running, skyrunning and trail running.

In previous years, many Italian, Swiss and French trail running champions and athletes challenged each other on these race tracks. Among the finishers and winners we find top athletes of the sky and trail running world such as: Jules-Henri Gabioud (winner Tor Des Geants°), Cavallo (3rd overall CCC°) and others.

Both competitions are excellent training grounds for less experienced athletes, who want to test their ability and endurance skills and enjoy the extraordinary landscapes.

In addition to the physical challenge, the Ultra Marathon du Fallère and the Tour du Fallère are also an opportunity to discover the culture and nature of the beautiful Valle d’Aosta region, and the Italian capital of trail running: Courmayeur.

During the race, the athletes will climb challenging and beautiful peaks and pass through picturesque mountain villages, enjoying the beauty of very special flora and fauna found only in these magical places.

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The Ultra Marathon du Fallère (UMF) and the Tour du Fallère (TDF) are two trail and ultra trail running competitions that offer a unique and unforgettable experience for athletes of all levels.

There are also perfectly positioned in the August calendar and can be used as intermediate races or training races for the UltraTrail on the Mont Blanc or for the Tor Des Geants.


The UMF is an ultra trail competition of 61 km with 5000 meters D+ and awards 3 ITRA points.

It is a UTMB World Series qualifying race for the 100K category.

The departure is on 05 August 2023 at the football field in Prenoud in the municipality of Saint Oyen at 6:00.

It is a rather demanding route, with 5 beautiful peaks to climb, and crosses 9 Valle d’Aosta municipalities, allowing you to discover the most spectacular landscapes of the Alps.

After tackling an initial steep climb towards Mont Labiez (2629 m), the trail track heads towards the Chaligne refuge, the first refreshment point of the race.

gara di ultra trail running umt che si svolge in valle aosta

The track runs to Punta Chaligne (2068m) and then continues towards the beautiful Fallère lake (2415m) and the astonishing beauty of Punta Fallère (3061m), the highest point of the race. This step involves a traverse on chains to get over the ridge.

Once the summit is conquered, a short descent that runs along the shores of Lago Morto (2653 m) leads directly to the Mont Fallère refuge (2385 m), another refreshment point along the way. What makes this place special is that trail runners will be able to run in a real open-air museum while admiring various life-size wooden sculptures created by the owner of the refuge.

After a well-deserved refreshment point, the athletes will be able to resume the race towards Punta Leysser (2771m) and Punta Oilleta (2612m). From here begins the descent towards the historic Ru de Vens hiking trail, near the village with the same name. The route develops through the incredible landscapes of the Vertosan valley, passing through the municipality of Saint-Nicolas up to Jovençan, where the Lo Grand Baou restaurant and guest house is located, the third and last refreshment point of the race.

After a relatively flat part, the athletes will have to challenge themselves with the last demanding climb to reach the summit of Colle di Vertosan (2698 m). Then they will find a steep descent waiting for them towards the municipality of Saint Rhemy en Bosses, also a refreshment point of the extraordinary Tor Des Geants, a few km from the finish line. Here is also the last water supply point at the Citrin spring, fed by a spring that offers naturally effervescent water. The arrival is in Saint Oyen in the same place as the start.


The TMF is a shorter race, but no less demanding. This 39 km race with a D+ of 2700 meters awards 2 ITRA points. It follows a similar route to the MTF, but is more accessible to less experienced athletes, although it remains a challenging route for even the most trained trail runners.

It is a UTMB World Series qualifying race for the 50K category.

The departure is on 05 August 2023 at the football field in Prenoud in the municipality of Saint Oyen at 8:00.

After passing the picturesque village of Étroubles, the path continues uphill until it reaches the Chaligne refuge and the peak with the same name. The race continues towards the lake and the Fallère refuge until it reaches the highest point on Monte di Vertosan (2790 m). From here begins the descent towards St. Rhemy en Bosses and the finish line in Saint Oyen.

Both the UMF and the TMF will be valid for the Itra National League classification.

In addition to the main trail running races, there is a 3x13km relay of about 39km and a D+ of 2700 meters which runs entirely along the same route as the TMF race. The first athlete will start on the 5th of August 2023 at 8.00 from the football field in Prenoud in the municipality of Saint Oyen.

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For UMF and TMF participants, there are several accommodation options available. Around Saint Oyen, you can find several apartments and holiday homes for rent for those looking for space, practicality, and more privacy. However, there are also cheap hotels and B&B, many of which are located near the start and finish points of the races.

Those who wish to have a more spiritual experience can ask for hospitality at the Chateau Verdun, owned by the Diocese of Aosta, which offers a safe haven for pilgrims and tourists.

Finally, for participants who prefer a more immersive experience in nature, there are several campsites located throughout the region.

Particularly suitable are Camping Tunnel and Camping Pineta, both located in the immediate vicinity of Saint Oyen. These options offer a peaceful and natural environment, ideal for post-race recovery. In any case, it is advisable to book in advance, especially during the racing season, to avoid not finding a place.


Participating in the UMF and TMF trail running competitions is an excellent opportunity to discover the Valle d’Aosta area and, in particular, the Pontine Alps.

In Saint Oyen it is possible to visit the Parish Church of Sant’Eugendo, a structure dating back to the 12th century which preserves a splendid silver reliquary inside. Furthermore, the village is famous for its grilled ham, which is celebrated with the well-attended Saint Oyen grilled jambon festival.

The Saint Oyen jambon festival will fall on August 5th, so the athletes who will participate in the competitions will therefore be able to taste this typical and unique product of Italian gastronomy.

Furthermore, various trekking paths start from the village to explore the valley, ideal for family members accompanying athletes or to take advantage of the opportunity to discover the beauties of the area. One of the most famous summer excursions is certainly that of the Plan Puitz batteries. You will which reach various military fortifications and tunnels that were part of the historic Cadorna Line. Not to be missed!

A few km from Saint Oyen is located Étroubles, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. A small inhabited center made up of cobbled streets overlooked by stone houses and old shops, dominated from above by the promontory of La Tour on which the parish church stands. A place out of time, where you can breathe the true essence of mountain life. Taking a selfie is a must!

In the municipality of Saint Rhemy en Bosses, a refreshment point at the Tor Des Geants, is the Castle of Bosses, a medieval fortification on three floors that serves as an exhibition space for exhibitions, conferences, and events.

About half an hour from the starting points of the races there is also Aosta. Nicknamed the “Rome of the Alps“, this characteristic municipality preserves a rich heritage of monuments and buildings of Roman origin all to be discovered. Among those not to be missed are the Arch of Augustus, the Roman Theater and the Porta Praetoria.

History buffs can spend a few hours visiting the two unmissable museums in Aosta: the Archaeological Museum, which boasts a vast exhibition of finds ranging from prehistoric to medieval times and the Megalithic Area of ​​Saint Martins de Corléans, a very interesting archaeological area from the Neolithic period and following.

Other unmissable places in Aosta are the historic Piazza Chanoux, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the Collegiata and the Cloister of Sant’Orso, and the Early Christian Basilica of San Lorenzo.


There are different ways to reach the starting point of the UMT and TMF trail running races, depending on personal preferences and the starting city.

  • By Car: those wishing to reach the starting point of the races by car must take the A5 motorway to Aosta, and then take the E27 state road to Saint Oyen. Race organizers can provide detailed information on parking options available in the area.
  • By Train: athletes traveling by public transport will have to take a train to Turin station. From Turin they will then have to take another train to Aosta (about 2 hours journey). Once they arrive in Aosta they can continue their journey by taking a local bus which arrives in Saint Oyen in about 30 minutes.
  • By Plane: for those arriving from far away and wanting to fly to the area, Turin airport is the most suitable choice. In fact, it is the only one close enough to the cities of Aosta and Saint Oyen to offer a good number of connections both with foreign countries and with the main Italian cities. From Turin, it is possible to reach Saint Oyen by private transport or by train and bus.

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Happy racing and have fun!

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