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Trail Running Coach di TRM prova le cuffie a conduzione ossea nel Parco 5 Terre per 65 km


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Are you looking for the best sports headphones to listen to music while running your workouts or ultra trail running competitions?
Discover the advantages of the best bone conduction headphones for trail running and the differences compared to the old earphones, airpods or traditional wireless or wired headphones.
Learn more about the features and performance of Naenka ultra trail running headphones and get the TRM code to buy them at a discounted price.

Do headphones and music improve sports performance?

The answer is: yes!

Headphones and music help improve performance in trail running and most endurance sports?

The positive influence of the music in sports has been demonstrated several times over the years. Music is able to influence the sports performance of athletes, increasing motivation and endurance during running, both in training and in competition.
Also, listening to music while running ultra trails helps to distract yourself and avoid focusing on pain or fatigue.
Running the very long distances in nature is very demanding, hours and hours of training are needed…. in the absence of a friend we can make time go by faster thanks to the company of good music!

What are the best headphones for running ultra trails?

When choosing between traditional and bone conduction earphones and headphones, the latter are undoubtedly better.
This type of headphones are ideal for trail running because they allow you to listen to the rhythm of your breath and stay in contact with the external environment, always keeping yourself alert to what surrounds us, thus increasing our personal safety.
This is where wireless earphones or headphones suitable for sports come to our aid, such as the Naenka Runner Diver, a well-known brand for their excellent price-quality ratio, which we have chosen and tested in real and difficult conditions in three over 50km and in a 95km race in Poland at night and in sub-zero temperatures!

Trail Running Coach prova le cuffie Naenka nel Parco 5 terre

Discover the characteristics of these excellent headphones and the results of the test conducted “in the field” by the TRM Coaches and get the TRM discount at the bottom of the page!
Enjoy the reading!

The field test of trail running headphones: 84 hours running in extreme conditions

We tested the product in real conditions for over 84 hours on the paths of the 5 Terre National Park, on The Abbots Way races, on the Trans Gran Canaria track in the Canary Islands up to 38° and in Poland competing in the Pieniny Park Ultra Trail with temperatures down to -3°.

i TRM Coach testano le cuffie Naenka alle Canarie

The elements we wanted to verify, to understand if the Naenka could be the best trail running headphones, were:
• evaluate the comfort on the head for more than 16 hours non-stop
• check the oscillation in running with uphill and downhill runs
• experience the musical sound and the perception of the external environment
• bring the battery to the end
• test the buttons in motion, while using in competition
We admit that we set off for the test with partial skepticism, used to using only the classic wireless earphones regularly… and already after an hour of use we totally changed our minds and literally “fall in love” with the product.
Bone conduction headphones are a perfect product for endurance sports, because the weight is not perceived and, literally, they are forgotten on the head!
Our final judgment, including the price/quality ratio, obtained thanks to the TRM discount, is: 9.5/10
Find out in detail the characteristics and advantages of the product…

What are the benefits of bone conduction headphones in trail running?

I Trail Running Coach provano le cuffie in gara con il Coroso Vertix 2

Bone conduction headphones are a type of headphones that sit on the outside of the ear near the temporal bone.
They are considered better than the traditional ones because they leave the auricle free, allowing you to listen to music and, at the same time, allow external sounds to enter.
Sound is transmitted directly to the inner ear, without having to pass through the eardrum. This allows you to maintain greater awareness of your surroundings.
This type of headphones are ideal for all outdoor sports, in particular for ultra trail running, cycling and mountain biking, in which safety, linked to the perception of noise, is essential.
The benefits of using Naenka Runner Diver bone conduction headphones are numerous.
In summary, they allow you to:
• improve performance by keeping pace
• listen to music avoiding isolation from the competitive context
• get distracted by fatigue crises or small pains caused by prolonged physical activity
• prevent accidents by listening to external noises (athletes arriving)
• share the enthusiasm of the fan crowd
keep awake during the night hours
• enjoy the relationship with the natural environment (sounds of animals, rustling plants…)
• recall positive memories related to listening to favorite songs
• avoid inflammation of the auricle caused by the rubbing of the earphones in the ear or the accumulation of wax
Every athlete is different and, therefore, will perceive these benefits differently.
Personally, as ultra trail runners, we appreciate them all, especially in situations like:
Ultra Trail over 100 km
• racing stages at night
solo workouts.
The competitions where they can be exploited to the fullest, due to the long battery life and low weight, are the ultra and endurance trails such as:
• the

In these competitions, listening to music was particularly indicated in the nocturnal sections, allowing us to pass the time more quickly, until the early hours of the morning, avoiding the onset of hallucinations or falling asleep… more and more frequent after 2 o’clock th night.

For which outdoor sports are Naenka headphones recommended?

Naenka bone conduction headphones are specially designed for sports activities.
Naenka headphones are available in Runner (running) and Diver (swimming) versions. Both versions use bone conduction technology, but differ in some technical specifications.
The Naenka Runner Diver, which we tested, are the combination of both uses and perfect for outdoor athletes who practice:
Trail Running, Skyrunning and mountain running
Mountain biking and road cycling
Long distance running (marathons and ultra marathons)
Triathlon and Biathlon
Hike & Fly and paragliding
• Obstacle course (OCR)
• Outdoor raids
• Long-distance trekking
Ski touring and other winter sports
Swimming, canoying and water sports
They are water proof and sweat resistant, with an IPX8 rating that ensures maximum protection in case of hard meteo conditions.
Furthermore, they are particularly suitable for extreme sports because they are equipped with a titanium elastic band that connects the two earphones and which makes them suitable for any type of head shape and sports use.
In summary, practically all outdoor sports disciplines where you live with the risk of sudden and difficult atmospheric events with rain or snow.

What are the features of Naenka Runner Diver headphones

Cuffie per ascoltare la musica nel trail running della marca Naenka

The Naenka Runner Divers Thheadphones are designed for outdoor use in complex weather conditions and for underwater use,
They are an excellent product for trail runners or marathon runners who are often exposed to the elements (rain, dust, …) and, above all, for cyclists who can train in total safety by hearing the traffic noise, swimmers who are able to listen to music in the water, triathletes who enjoy all three benefits.
The Naenka Runner Diver with the highest waterproof standard IPX8 withstands up to 5m. underwater and is not afraid of sweat or dust.
With a 180mAh battery and internal flash drive it can store up to 16GB of MP3 and FLAC files (about 2,500 files!).

What are the technical specifications of the Naenka trail running headphones?

The characteristics of the Naenka Runner Diver place it among the best on the market. In bold we highlight the innovative and distinctive ones, compared to other better known products on the market, which make them almost unbeatable:
Duration: 10 hours in “music mode”, slightly less in “Bluetooth mode
Storage Space: 16GB (equivalent to over 2,000 songs)
Waterproof: IPX8, guaranteed up to 5 meters deep
Bluetooth connection 5.3 and NFC (only works on Android)
Weight: 27 grams
• Smartphone and PC compatibility: all latest generation smartphones, tablets and computers
• Microphone: integrated speakerphone
• Controls: touch for volume and MP3 mode change, Bluetooth
• Materials: skin-friendly silicone and titanium
• Charging time: 1.5 hours
• Stand-by time: 240 hours
• Battery: 180mAh

Comfort and fit of the headphones during sports use

Posizione delle cuffie a conduzione ossea sulla testa del trail runner coach

During the test we were able to stress the Naenka product, running at high speed on rough paths / single track, uphill and downhill and the headphones remain firmly in place.
The transducers are also held in place by the hook shape around the ear and rest on the tops of the cheekbones to transmit sound waves to the inner ear.

What accessories are offered with the Naenka Runner Diver headphones?

Inside the cardboard package, there are the essential accessories for all outdoor sports in and out of the water:
Screw-in earplugs are in the package to improve sound clarity while swimming.
• the magnetic charging cable that connects to the battery through four attachment points.

The charging cable also serves as a transfer of MP3 and MP4 music files.
Once connected to the PC simply drag the files into the folder called Naenka (drag & drop) and within seconds the files are transferred.

Accessori inclusi nella scatola delle

Are regular headphones or bone conduction headphones better?

The first aspect where classic, non-bone conduction headphones are preferable is the price. Beginners who run short distances and for a few hours can certainly give up bone conduction, more suitable for expert and demanding athletes,
The second aspect is linked to the need to listen to high quality sound music. Bone conduction has a slightly lower maximum volume level. The reason is trivially related to the fact that they don’t fit inside the headset.

What are the alternatives to Naenka Runner Diver headphones?

The Aftershokz headphones and the Vidonn F1 are very similar products in terms of both features and prices but have less water resistance, which makes them less ideal for outdoor use in extreme conditions or underwater.
A more similar model in terms of waterproofing to the Runner Diver are the Shokz OpenSwim which have an almost identical weight, 29 gr, but do not have the Bluetooth module.
Another, slightly smaller alternative is the Zygo Solo headphone which, however, receives music via a Bluetooth-connected radio transmitter from a smartphone placed out of the water. Not exactly comfortable and safe alternative…

What is the price of the Naenka Runner Diver?

The Compay Naenka has been a leading brand among bone conduction headphone brands for more than 10 years. The Runner Diver model is a product designed by a Chinese athlete and, not surprisingly, responds to the specific needs of athletes: lightness and performance, and comfort.

Essential characteristics for the practice of all outdoor sports.
The headphones are built with a waterproof and ultra-resistant titanium rubber compound that guarantees resistance and lightness.
The manufacturer, Life Technology, guarantees a quality equal to western standards and the products can be purchased, with a discount, directly on the Naenka website at the price drops using the TRM discount code = Trail running).
This price is also very competitive compared to the main competitor: the Shokz OpenSwim headphones, offered at an average price of €135.
Beyond the price, most of the competitors do not have both the Bluetooth 5.2 module which guarantees a powerful and constant connection; or the autonomous MP3 function (as an alternative to Bluetooth).

The Naenka Runner Divers cost on average less than the better-known hedphones (approx. €143), but by applying the dedicated TRM discount, the price becomes unbeatable: only €121!

Discount Code TRM*=Trail Running

Compared to the Zygo Solo headphones, the Naenkas are cheaper even without the discount. but they lack the coaching software offered with the technology ($279).
*add the discount in the cart.


In conclusion, the Naenka Runner Diver headphones represent an excellent solution for sports beginners and pro athletes who wirsh to listen to music, even in extreme weather conditions, in a safe and comfortable way.
Featuring bone conduction technology and water resistance, these headphones offer the benefit of increased awareness of your surroundings and reduce the risk of ear infections or discomfort.
The elastic band and the touch control system make them suitable for any type of head and easy to use.
The long battery life of 10 hours and the recharge time of only 2 hours make them suitable for prolonged use during physical activity.
Finally, compared to other bone conduction headphones on the market, Naenka Divers headphones stand out for their water resistance and powerful Bluetooth connection that guarantees listening continuity in all conditions.
In summary, the Naenka Runner Divers headphones represent an innovative and functional choice for all those who wish to combine sports and music and focus above all on performance!

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Marco Mori

Strategic Development Director, after having practiced various sports at a competitive level, he discovered his particular predisposition for extreme competitions and ultra trail endurance which he manages to combine with professional life. He collaborates as President of TRM Team ASD Club and trainer in courses for trail running coaches. He has been an Athletic Coach and Trail Running Trainer with SNaQ CONI Certification since 2014. He is, still today, the only Italian athletic coach to have competed over a distance of 900km, in a single stage: Transpyrenea 900K (10th Male Absolute). He counts over 100 international ultra trail competitions and numerous category podiums. He is the author of market researches and articles on training, competition strategies, injuries and sports apparel and equipment for trail running and running in Italian and English.