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100 Miglia Monviso and more!

Three fantastic trail running races on the legendary Monviso Mountain, the” Stone King”

The event, which offers a total of 3 races, will take place on the 21, 22 and 23 July 2023 and on 27 August 2023.

Each race takes place in a single stage, at free speed but with a limited time:

This year the sponsors of the Monviso trail running competitions are MICO and SILVA

The Monviso Mountain with its 3,841 meters is the highest mountain in the Cottian Alps. In other words it is the Mont Blanc of the South-Western Alps.

Its famous pyramidal shape makes it visible throughout the western Po valley, also because it stands out over the other peaks of over 500 meters.

Since 2013, Monviso has become a UNESCO heritage as a national and cross-border with France biosphere reserve.

The queen race of the event is the 100 Miglia Ultra Trail of 160 kilometers which offers unique landscapes and an incredible natural beauty!

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100 MIGLIA MONVISO – Friday 21 July 2023 , 21:00 from Saluzzo

The 100 Miglia Monviso is a 160 km ring route with 8,000 mt D+ to be completed within 42 hours. It assigns 6 ITRA Points and is included among the qualifying UTMB® World Series races in the 100M category.

The 100 Miglia Monviso  is the perfect race to test yourself on a 160-kilometre ultra trail. It offers beautiful landscapes that literally make time “fly” and has a less technical track compared to other races such as: UTMB®, Ultra Tour Monte Rosa or Adamello.

Conversely, for super-experienced athletes it can be an opportunity for a last “very long” training before the Tor Des Geants or Tor Des Glaciers endurance trails.

100 Miglia Monviso, the spectacular super ultra trail!

The 160 Km starts at 21:00 on July 21 from the center of Saluzzo, a wonderful medieval village in the Bronda Valley.

The first part of the track develops in the Po Valley among uncontaminated landscapes characterized by challenging ups and downs, passing by characteristic alpine huts.

The most beautiful point of the race is certainly halfway through. The runners will reach the maximum altitude, more than 2,800 meters, and will have to pass through the Buco di Viso: a tunnel under the jagged crest of the Monte Granero, built 500 years ago, which connects Italy with the French side territory.

From here on, the race track becomes more runnable, descending steadily to the finish line for over 70 km through the Vairata Valley, nicknamed the “emerald” thanks to its vast deciduous forests, pine forests and steep grasslands.

Like in the past edition, the athletes have the possibility of using a Pacer to conclude the last part of the race. Once they reach the Casteldelfino Life Base, at km 100, they can be accompanied by the Pacer to the finish line.

Have you already fallen in love with Monviso trail running competitions?

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MONVISO 60K – Saturday 22 July, 11:00 from Paesana

The big news of the 2023 edition is a new distance race, for those who want to approach ultra trails gradually, or for those who are training for other ultra trails.

The 60 km with 3000 meters D+ will let you to enjoy the lower part of the 100 Miglia Monviso track to the fullest. It awards 3 ITRA points and it is included in the UTMB® World Series qualifying races in the 50K category.


From the center of the Paesana village the athletes will ascent towards Pian Munè and then reach the Rifugio Bertorello and the Colle di Gilba.

The track, from there, develops in Valle Varaita up to the Colle del Prete. Then, having reached the summit of Monte Ricomone, it rejoins the 160 Km trail for the last 30 km, through Brossasco, Isasca, San Bernardo del Vecchio and Santa Cristina, to the finish line in the center of Saluzzo.

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MONVISO TRAIL – Sunday 27 August 2023 , 08:00 from Crissolo

The third race of the “Terres Monviso Sports Month” is the Monviso Trail.

The event kicks off on 27 August at 08:00 over a distance of 25.5 km and 1,900 meters D+ to be completed no later than 8 hours.

It assigns 2 ITRA Points and is included in the UTMB® World Series qualifying races in the 20K category.

The evocative start of the race is at  08:00, from the center of Crissolo, a small town in the Po Valley.

You immediately climb up to cross the Pian del Re, where the Po river is born, and then reach the Colle delle Traversette, an alpine pass of the Cottian Alps at an altitude of 2950 meters which unites the Po Valley in Italy with the Guil Valley in France, from where you can enjoy a magical view.

The track continues downhill towards Lake Chiaretto, a delight for the eye with its crystalline color.

You will also pass through several historic refuges such as the legendary Quintino Sella refuge and the Alpetto refuge, to then conclude the race by returning to the municipality of Crissolo.

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The 100 Miglia Monviso and the Monviso Trail are also qualifying races for the Plogging World Championship.

The project aims to contribute to protect nature thanks to the collection of small waste left on the paths by disrespectful trekkers, mountaineers or carried by waterways or by the wind. If the athlete asks to participate in the Plogging Challenge, he will receive a specific bag where he can store any waste found along the way. At the end of the Monviso races, the dedicated staff will check the contents collected and, based on the kilometers and elevation gain, will assign a score useful for the runner to qualify for the Plogging World Championship.


Saluzzo located near the Monviso mountain, is one of the most fascinating and best-preserved medieval villages in Italy with an interesting history. For over four centuries, from 1142 to 1548, it was the Capital of the Marquisate to which it gave its name.

In addition to strolling through the historic center, admiring the narrow streets and ancient arcades, here are the nine places you cannot miss:

  • Castile of Saluzzo,
  • Casa Cavassa Civic Museum,
  • St. John’s Church,
  • Villa Bricherasio Botanical Garden,
  • Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta,
  • Ancient Town Hall and Civic Tower,
  • Villa Belvedere,
  • Shrine of the Consolata,
  • Monument to Silvio Pellico.


At the end of the challenging Monviso races you can finally taste the typical dishes of the place in the numerous restaurants. In fact, in addition to the historical heritage, the village is also renowned for its food and wine heritage: such as Castelmagno D.o.p cheese, Saluzzo white chicken meat Slow Food Presidium or Pelaverga wine.

Finally, it is possible to go on numerous excursions and walks immersed in the greenery and in a wonderful alpine landscape within the Monviso Natural Park.


By car: The tollbooth at about 30km away is Marene, near Savigliano. It is connected with the A6 Turin-Savona and with the A33 Cuneo-Asti and from here to the directions for Milan, Genoa and for Central and Southern Italy. A good alternative can be to use the motorway junction which from Turin reaches Pinerolo (A55) and from here, through Cavour, you can reach Saluzzo in about 30 minutes.

By train: Saluzzo has its own railway station. Thanks to the connection with Savigliano, it puts the city in contact with the lines for Turin, Cuneo, Savona. When the trains are not running, there are replacement buses.

By bus: Saluzzo is connected to Cuneo and Turin by bus. Consult the timetables here

By plane: the closest airport, just 20 km away, is Cuneo-Levaldigi; Turin-Caselle is 80km away and Milan Malpensa is approximately 200km away


The organization offers agreed tourist packages that are suitable for everyone, from individual trail runners to families: apartments, B&B hotels:

Visit the dedicated area of the site: Where to sleep in Saluzzo and its surroundings


BIBLIOGRAPHY (Foto. Photo credits)

Borgo Medievale Saluzzo

Valle Po

Monte Granero

Valle Varaita


Monte Ricordone

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