All the Mont Blanc races are canceled but you can still save the season and keep motivation with a B Plan. Find out how

The UTMB® machine stopped, the Organisation and the Chamonix Valley did the best to save the event but the difficult international situation and the regulations prevailed.

The year 2020 will be remembered as the worst year in the history of Trail Running. Unfortunately, this news will also push the last undecided organizers to “throw in the towel” …But it is not all lost and you must look ahead without losing motivation.

The main characteristic of an ultra trail runner is tenacity. Do not forget.

It’s time to move on to PLAN B! Here is a very tempting alternative …..

Use this period to invest in your performance improvement. The TRM method is undoubtedly the best investment you can make! The TRM Method is a 360° athletic training methodology for trail running conceived and tested on the field – the Transpyrenea (Transpyrenea 900K) – by the only two Coaches in the world to have finished one of the most grueling races ever organized: 900km, 55.000m. D + and 13 days non-stop.

Thanks to the medical-scientific parameters of the tests carried out on the 2 Coaches and collected in 8 months, TRM has developed a protocol consisting of: analysis, tests, training, nutrition, materials management, competition strategy and mental preparation. The summary of this know-how is made available in the full immersion of the TRM Camp Mont Blanc. This year will be the 7th edition and it is attended by athletes from all over the world.

In a few days you can learn the best athletic training techniques put into practice and improved in 12 years of international competitions faced by the Coaches (Transpyrenea, TOR, UTMB, Transcanaria, Ronda Des Cims and many more …)

Do you want to become a TOP Ultra Trail Runner in 2 or 4 days? 

Choose the most requested TRM Camp in the world, the 90km or 167km (2 or 4 days) versions that will be held on the days between Thursday 30th of July to Sunday 2nd of August 2020 TRM Camp Mont Blanc.

Good to know: who participates in the 4 days will receive, in addition to the TRM Buff, also the TRM Race Strategy plan, the strategic plan of your preferred target race: Ultra Trail Race Strategy

What are you waiting for? Make your choice and get ready for it!

We are waiting for you at TRM Camp.

Email us: info@trailrunningmovement and book for a telephone appointment with a TRM Coach.

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