Lucia Moraschinelli tester of CimAlp products, trail running and ski mountaineering athlete, told us how she got to trail running competitions and what she feels every time she goes out in the mountains.

Now is your turn Lucy!

My name is Lucia Moraschinelli. I come from a ski resort, Passo Aprica. I have practiced sports since I was a child starting with alpine skiing competitions at the age of 5 and from then I never stopped a part from a short period after the two maternities.

How I got into trail running and what I like about running off-road

When, a few years later, I switched to ski mountaineering, I started running in the mountains during summertime and the sensations that running in nature gave me, as I improved, were unexpected. The restlessness that has always characterized me turned into energy with running. It is still like this today, especially in long distance races where you have to really dig inside yourself to find motivation and strength.

Unfortunately I do not have the opportunity to travel on weekends as I work in the family restaurant, therefore I have never been able to participate in so many beautiful races away from home, but luckily there are many possibilities in my area too: the VUT, La Maratona del Cielo, the Wine Trail, the Double W60 and others, including vertical and mountain running competitions.

I prefer Sky Races at high altitude and with technical parts, especially with long descents where fortunately I perform well. From a technical point of view, my favorite is the Kima with a purely mountaineering track and a lot of elevation. I ran it 5 times!

However, I love to test myself on every type of distance, even the shortest ones from 10 to 15km. I live the competition as a challenge, I like the adrenaline at the start and the joy that you feel at the end, regardless of the result. If it goes well I celebrate, if it goes bad I dream about the next one.

My best results have been the victory at the Trail del Viandante, long distance, in 2015, at the Tracciolino Trail in 2019 and three podiums at the Valtellina Wine Trail.

The short-term goal is to be able to successfully complete an Ultra Trail.

I am a free spirit….

I don’t follow any program or planned sessions, I don’t like impositions. When I have time, I go out and decide where to run, always trying to vary the trails so as not to get bored. I love the scents and colors that nature gives us in every season.

My races have a special dedication

A few years ago I lost two brothers in an accident and my heart broke with grief. Climbing the peaks of the mountains, close to the sky, is a way to feel them closer to me

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