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The phases of the annual preparation for a trail runner can be different depending on the level of the athlete but there is a constant: they are never similar to one another!

If your trail running training program, in terms of loads, intensity and race distances, looks very similar all year round you are NOT TRAINING, you are simply doing PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. In the best case you will not progress, at worst you will get injured. How to face goal races, intermediate races and training competitions? Find out TRM best tips for trail running:

1. Goal race. You should study the trail track, the weather conditions, the ground, your characteristics, the weak points you need to improve and balance the workouts loads with the history of your injuries. A good trail running training program must be developed considering all elements and your goal race
2. Intermediate race. You should choose it with characteristics very similar to the goal race and we suggest you to run it at high intensity as a test of your trail running preparation
3. Training race. You can use it to replace a long run planned in your program with the advantage of having an assistance and several refreshment points along the track. Being a workout, you will not plan the tapering phase before the race. You must be able to run with at moderate effort and intensity, recovering easily.

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