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After a hard Trail Running Season you need a a phisical and mental recovery phase during which you will alternate running and cross traing. The choice between cross training sports must be made according to your physical characteristics and weak spots you need to strengthen; in all cases, always in harmony with the athletic gesture of trail running and your training plan.

The sports suggested by the TRM Team

– Ski mountaineering, cross-country skiing: allow a good muscular workout without the traumas of running. In addition, cross-country skiing keeps the aerobic effort constant and continuous

– Road running, cross-country races: give you the opportunity to train the running technique, stride and step frequency. The shorter distances also train the aerobic power and the threshold. The advantage is that the athletic gesture is very similar to trail running

– Bike: facilitates recovery and muscular workout of the lower limbs in the absence of impact shock. Keep in mind that it shortens the muscles.

Remember that every cross training session, to positively affect your performance in trail running, must be planned and executed in line with the objective to be achieved.

Example of a cross training session to maintain the running athletic gesture, while, at the same time, strengthening the lower and upper limbs: 30mn lipid run + ski mountaineering 2-3 hours + static stretching

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