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TRM continues its growth and prepares important innovations for trail runners, ready to be launched in January 2018.
Here are the 2017 results:
• 325.240 km covered by the TRM Group of Athletes
• 518 races entered by TRM Athletes
• 389 online training programs delivered in 4 languages
• 102 Athletes joined the TRM International Group and trained with the TRM Method
• 15 Countries of origin for the trained athletes (Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, France, Japan, Greece, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Hungary)
• 27 Podiums won in national and international competitions
• 1st among the National Italian Team and 12th Overall at the World Trail Running Championships
• <2% competitions withdraw rate
• <1% serious injury rate on total trained athlete
• 0% doping!
THANK YOU! to our FANTASTIC 102 TRM Team athletes who gave us STRONG EMOTIONS and GREAT RESULTS.
THANK YOU! to the professionals of the TRM Network: nutritionist (Biorci), physiotherapists (De Petri, Sicheri, Stefani), orthopedic (Migliorini) and psychologist (Petrini) who support us with equal professionalism and passion.
THANK YOU! also to TRM Friend Race race organizers of 4 continents
….and especially
THANK YOU! to the 9,000+ FB and G + Followers that, with THEIR “LIKE”, give us the motivation to offer you our free tips every week. 😉

Happy New Year to all of You!
Stay tuned!

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