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Have you ever thought of participating to a Trail Running Camp around Mont Blanc or on the Alps?

..a trail running camp of 45, 90, 167 or 330 km is always a unique experience!

Keep on reading and find out why …

Why a Trail Running Camp?

A trail Running Camp is an opportunity to train and share a unique sports experience without the tension and stress the a race performance.

Regardless of the level of experience, the Trail Running Camps, in fact, adapt to the needs of each participant, offering an opportunity for growth and adventure in a natural context of extraordinary beauty.

… you only need to focus on learning pro technics and enjoy!

Unlike races, the multi-day Trail Running Camps are the best opportunity to carry out the last “very long” workouts and to test the athletic skills and the level of performance acquired, before tackling the “hardest” race of the year.

Let’s proceed step by step…

What is a Trail Running Camp?

2 Group of Trail Runners running in front of Mont Blanc at the TRM Trail Running Camp Mont Blanc

A Trail Running Camp is an organized and structured running experience dedicated to ultra Trail Running athletes who wish to improve their technical skills in a very short time thanks to a full immersion of 2-8 days.

In all Trail Running Camps, participants are guided by expert and, in some cases, certified Coaches, who provide technical instructions, training & nutrition advices and expert support during the daily trail running sessions.

The Camp program may include a variety of activities such as:

  • training sessions uphill and downhill with a huge difference in altitude;
  • lessons on running technique with and without poles;
  • advice on endurance sports nutrition;
  • suggestions to better manage the mental aspects in the event of a crisis;
  • sessions on best organization of apparel, gear & tech for the Ultra Trails;
  • microsleep management technique;
  • setting up of race plans: both for strategy and nutrition management;
  • … and more.

Trail Running Camps are generally structured in such a way as to provide a combination of intense training, moments of relaxation, sharing passion and experiences with other trail running enthusiasts and the opportunity to test the races trail tracks.

What are the advantages of attending a Trail Running Camp?

Participating in a Trail Running Camp offers numerous advantages, which normally cannot be acquired by participating in real competitions or lonely long training sessions.

Group of Trail Runners on the traverse in Val Ferret at the TRM Trail Running Camp Mont BlancThe reasons why you should choose a camp and benefits of PRO advises are:

  • improve your mountain running skills;
  • learn the latest new techniques used by Elite athletes;
  • understand the theoretical concepts of endurance physical preparation;
  • gain awareness in order to manage the apparel and equipment in critical meteo situation (which may put your life at severe risk);
  • share personal experiences with other more experienced athletes and Coaches.

Both for the beginners and experienced athletes, Trail Running Camps offer a stimulating environment to progress in the ultra trail discipline, challenge themselves and enjoy wonderful mountain adventures.

Every ultra trail runner, depending on the type of Camp, can get improvements in various areas:

  • Endurance training: Trail Running Camps offer the opportunity to receive specific training for trail running and ultra distances. Experienced trail running Coaches provide advice and guidance to improve running efficiency, endurance and stamina needed to tackle long distances and challenging terrain.
  • Running technique: ultrarunners can benefit from sessions dedicated to running technique. Instructors can provide personalized feedback on posture, pace and confidence on technical descents with poles.
  • Mental preparation: Tackling ultra distances of several days and nights requires progressive psychological preparation. During a Trail Running Camp, athletes can learn how to manage the extreme physical effort, mental focusing techniques, and approaches to fooling your mind in case of deep crisis situations. These techniques are designed to build mental resilience.
  • Hands-on Terrain Experience: Many Trail Running Camps take place on specific trails and terrain (typically the Italian, French or Swiss Alps). These terrains allow ultra runners to familiarize themselves with the characteristics of the terrain and weather: technical descents, steep climbs, uneven surfaces, exposed sections, snowfields and sudden changes in temperature.
  • Sharing Experiences: Attending a Trail Running Camp allows you to connect with other international athletes with the same passions and interests. Sharing of personal experiences and stories can be a source of inspiration and motivation. Furthermore, it is not uncommon to find new friends and buddies for your next adventures.
  • Exploration of race tracks many Trail Running Camps offer the opportunity to explore the race route during daylight hours and, therefore, to admire the breathtaking views of the Alps which, in the night hours cannot be seen.


Overall, attending a Trail Running Camp guarantees to gain a professional know-how infew days which is usually achived in 3-5 years of attemps, mistakes and improvements!

Where are the most beautiful Trail Running Camps Mont Blanc in Europe (Alps)?

View of Mont Blanc from Rifugio Bertone at the TRM Trail Running Camp Mont BlancIn the short list of the best Trail Running Camp on the Alpine area of France, Italy, Switzerand we find:

  • Trail Running Camp based in Courmayeur (Italy): Courmayeur is a well know outdoor sports destination and offers an extensive network of trail running trails with spectacular views of the Italian Alps. The races hosted in the area are: Ultra Trail Mont Blanc, Chamonix-Courmayeur-Champex LAc, Tour Des Duces de Savoye, Petit Trot a Leon, TOR des Geants (TORx), Gran Trail Courmayer, Vertical Trail Courmayeur and less know Trail del Battaglione, Trail di La Thuile:
  • TOR des Geants Trail Running Camp in Aosta Valley (Italy): This endurance camps offer the opportunity to explore the astonishing trails of the Alte Vie 1 and Alter Vie 2 and the Gran Paradiso National Park. Running through this majestic alpine landscape allows you to complete the whole tour of Valle d’Aosta. Some of the races organized in the area are: TOR Des Geants, TOR des Glaciers, TOR Dret, Ultra Marathon Du Fallere, Walser Ultra Trail,
  • Trail Running Camp of the Dolomites (Italy): neverless not located in the same area but in the heart of the spectacular Dolomites (North East), these camps offer breathtaking trails and an authentic trail running experience. The races hosted in the area are those of Lavaredo Ultra Trail.
  • Trail Running Camp based in the Maritime Alps (Italy): this camp is located in the Italian Maritime Alps, a region with wild landscapes and challenging trails that offer an authentic trail running experience. The most know and old race of the area is CRO Trail.
  • Trail Running Camp based in Chamonix (France): Chamonix is ​​an iconic destination for trail running enthusiasts, with challenging trails and spectacular views of the Mont Blanc and other famous Aguilles (mountain peacks). Here you have the chance to particpated to: Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, Petit Trot a Leon, Tour des Duces the Savoie, Marathon Du Mont Blanc, Orsier-Champex Lac-Chamonix (OCC).
  • Trail Running Camp based in Annecy (France): Annecy is a picturesque medieval city located on the shores of the beautyful lake, surrounded by mountains. It offers a variety of trails for trail running with spectacular views. Elìte athletes never miss the Maxi Race
  • Trail Running Camp based in Zermatt (Switzerland): Zermatt is surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Swiss Alps and offers a variety of trails for trail running at all levels of difficulty. This mountains are crossed by the athletes of the Swiss Peaks Ultra Trail.
  • Trail Running Camp based in Verbier (Switzerland): Verbier is famous for its high mountain trails and offers a variety of challenging trails for trail running: the most knwo is Ultra Trail of Verbier
  • Trail Running Camp based in St. Moritz (Switzerland): St. Moritz is a popular sky and mountain luxury resort area which offers scenic trails and a spectacular alpine environment for trail running.

Remember that most of the Camps have limited numeber of participants therefore it is always advisable to check with large advance informations and availability besides trust and reputation of the organization which may be easily verified by the number of editions, sports coaching certifications or social networks reviews.

Make sure you choose a trustable Organization as the Camps may face very hard meteo conditions and, sometimes, cross desert areas with no telephone connections.

What are the best Trail Running Camps to prepare for UTMB and Tor Des Geants?

Group of Trail Runners on the Swiss side at the TRM Trail Running Camp Mont BlancWhen getting ready to face ultra and of endurance competition challenges, such us UTMB or TOR des Geants, you shoud be aware that you need to acquire a specific phisical adaptation to long distance and high altitudes. You should gain this preparation with multi-days training which Camps can easyly provide to all athletes limiting the risk of injuries.

This is the main reason why athletes facing long distance give up competitions in July and August and switch to endurance Camps. Moreover endurance camps provide a unique personalized training capable of strengthen your weak areas or leverage on alternative technics to help athletes to become “finisher” of their greatest challenges.

Here are some Trail Running Camps on Mont Blanc that could be particularly suitable for preparing for the Mont Blanc Ultra Trail or the Tor Des Geants:

Trail Running Camp in the Chamonix Valley, France: Chamonix is ​​the start and finish city of the Mont Blanc Ultra Trail and is a point of reference for ultra runners.

A Camp located here offers the opportunity to train on the trails on the French side which form part of the initial and final route of the races: PTL, UTMB, CCC and OCC.

Trail Running Camp in the Courmayeur area, Italy: Courmayeur is another crucial location for the Mont Blanc Ultra Trail and is located on the Italian side of the route.

A Camp located here allows athletes to explore the trails that cross the Ferret Valley.

Trail Running Camp in the Verbier Area, Switzerland: Zermatt is a popular trail running location in the Swiss Alps.

A camp located here offers high alpine trails and challenging climbs, similar to those encountered during Tor Des Geants. Moreover, the altitude and spectacular views offer a unique challenge and experience for ultra runners.Group of Trail Runners at the Col della Seigne at the TRM Trail Running Camp Mont Blanc

How much does a Trail Running Camp cost?

The cost of a Trail Running Camp can vary considerably depending on several factors, including the duration of the camp, the quality of the facilities offered, the level of instructors or guides, the geographical location and any extra services included.

In general, shorter Trail Running Camps, lasting a weekend or a few days, can have a cost that varies from a few hundred to several thousand euros (€ 150 – €500). These latter camps may include accommodation, meals, training sessions, local transport and group activities.

Long-distance Trail Running Camps on Mont Blanc or in the Alps, which can last for one or more weeks, generally have higher costs (€500 – €2.000). They can range from a few thousand to several tens of thousands of euros. These camps often offer a complete package including accommodation, meals, specialized instructors, daily training sessions, bags transportation and additional services such as massages, workshops or recreational activities.

It is important to consider that the costs may also vary according to the destination. For example, a Trail Running Camp located in a popular mountain town or Alpine area might be more expensive than a lesser-known destination.

It is advisable to check carefully what is included in the price of the camp and if there are any extra costs to consider. Also, it’s always helpful to compare different options and read reviews from previous attendees to compare the quality and value of the Camp.

What are the requirements to enroll in a Trail Running Camp?

The requirements for enrolling in a Trail Running Camp may vary depending on the specific Camp and the level of difficulty of the activities offered.

However, here are some common requirements that may apply:

  • Appropriate level of training (achived): Since Trail Running Camps focus on mountain training and running, you need to have an adequate level of physical adaptation on order to manage the effort. This implies being able to cover long distances and high elevations in a reasonable time, even if you don’t need to be expert.
  • Mountain Running Experience: Some Trail Running Camps may require some years of mountain running experience. This can be motivated by the need to run on technical terrain, challenging single-treck or during critical weather conditions. However, there are camps suitable for beginners as well, so you can choose those for beginners’experience level.
  • Ability to follow directions and instructions: During a Trail Running Camp, it is essential to be able to follow the directions of the coaches or guides. This may include complying with safety rules, following the training schedule, attending training sessions and taking part in group activities.
  • Appropriate personal outdoor equipment: It is important to have the appropriate trail running basic equipment and apparel. This may include suitable trail running shoes, technical clothing, trail running backpack, hydration and nutrition during the running sessions, as well as any equipment specifically requested by the Camp.
  • Minimum Age: Some Trail Running Camps may have a minimum age requirement to participate. This can vary from camp to camp and also depends on local laws and policies. Make sure you check the minimum age requirement before signing up.

It is important to keep in mind that the requirements may vary between different Camps. Before enrolling, it is advisable to contact the camp organizer directly to obtain detailed information on the specific requirements and to make sure you meet them.

Who is the best Trail Running Camp Organizer in Europe?

Group of Trail Runners on the traverse above Argentiere at the TRM Trail Running Camp Mont Blanc
Group of Trail Runners on the traverse above Argentiere at the TRM Trail Running Camp Mont Blanc

There are several Trail Running Camp organizers in Europe who are very well known and appreciated by the community of trail running enthusiasts. However, choosing the best one depends on your personal preferences, the desired location and the services offered. Here are some of the best-known organizers:

  • Trail Running Movement: they organize trail running camps throughout Italy, on Mont Blanc, along the route of the Alte Vie in the Aosta Valley, on the Italian-French Alps, on the Ligurian Alps and the high Via delle 5 Terre, on the Apuan Alps and on the Abruzzo Apennines. They have been offering the most complete Camps from and up to 8 days, treating preparation for ultra trails and endurance trails for the past 16 years.
  • Alpes-Maritimes Outdoor: They organize trail running camps in the Alpes-Maritimes region of France, offering a variety of training programs and mountain adventures.
  • Run the Alps: Specializing in trail running camps in the Swiss Alps, they offer high-quality guided experiences in a variety of locations, including Zermatt, Chamonix and more.
  • Andorra Ultra Trail: They organize trail running camps in Andorra and, in pthe past, on the Alps for Spanish runners. They offer specific training programs for long distance races.
  • Aosta Outdoor: Based in the Italian region of Valle d’Aosta, they offer trail running camps that include training in the mountains of the Italian Alps.

These are just a few examples of Trail Running Camp organizers in Europe. It is advisable to do more research and compare the available options to find the organizer that best suits your needs, the desired location and your personal preferences. Reading reviews from previous attendees and contacting the organizers directly for detailed information can help you make a more informed decision.

Take action..

Group of Trail Runners in Chamonix in front of the church at the TRM Trail Running Camp Mont Blanc

Don’t miss the opportunity to have a unique and adventurous experience with the Trail Running Camps in the Italian-French-Swiss Alps. Breathtaking views, challenging trails and a community atmosphere among trail running enthusiasts make these camps a must-have option for sports enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a beginner eager to learn specialized running techniques, or an experienced runner looking for new challenges, Trail Running Camps offer you the opportunity to push your limits and improve your performance.

In addition to the running adventures, you will have the chance to dive in the local culture and taste the delicious Alpine cuisine, thus enriching your overall sports experience.

Get ready to experience unforgettable moments, surrounded by the indisputable beauty of the Alps and in a group of trail running enthusiasts.

Book your place in the Trail Running Camps today and get ready to discover the thrill of running in the Italian-French-Swiss mountains.

It will be an experience that will remain in your heart and memory forever.

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