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SUNDAY MAY 24th 2015 – TRM TEAM WAS AT THE TRAIL VAL NURE – 60 KM 3,500 MT D +; 42km 2,500 MT D +

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Marco&Cris, Michele

Altimetria_Val_NureDeparture at 6:00 AM from the square of Bettola (325 mt above sea level) for the two races: the Eco Val Nure 42km (with Michele Tasselli) and the Trail Val Nure 60km (with Marco Mori and Cristina Tasselli). The trail climbs up the Valley along the ancient Oil and Salt track till the GAEP Mountain Hut of Selva of Ferriere.

After the heavy rains of the past week, on Sunday morning the weather is sunny with a temperature of about 10 °, ideal for racing. However the path is very muddy and slippery and some climbs in the woods are quite difficult. Furthermore, unfortunately, some people for unknown reasons decide to take away the balise in some areas and we get lost several times, but the Organization acts promptly and we get back on the correct way. Cheer is guaranteed for almost all the race from the 500 participants to the “Long March” trekking organized by CAI. Time runs and Michel ends up the 42km at the GAEP Mountain Hut just for lunch. Marco and Cristina engaged on the 60km race continue the effort on a more rocky and wild area for 18km more and then they make their way back to the GAEP where a deserved refreshment awaits.

The Team ends the day with satisfaction:
– Cristina Tasselli 1° Women and 10th on scratch in the 60km;
– Marco Mori 4° Man and on Scratch on the 60km;
– Michele Tasselli running the 42km as a training race (after having already run 15km on the previous day under the rain) and ending in 14° place.