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running with a safety mask


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You can run safely also with Coronavirus but you should protect yourself while training and at the end.

After several months of lockdown, we are finally back to trail running. The luckiest athletes living in the mountains are able to run without problems, but others, leaving in towns or crowded areas are forced to train while sharing the same spots or crossing other athletes or people along their way.

Those who run in city parks are facing a greater risk, therefore it is essential to plan the training in advance in order to adopt the right safety measures.

Here are some suggestions, but keep in mind that there is no total protection against the virus; be always very careful.

We listed here 10 simple and easy tips, the same adopted by the TRM Team:

  • Define your training itinerary in advance, choosing times, places and less crowded trails
  • Take a bandana with you, and wear it around your neck during training. You will have to lift it up covering your mouth and nose when crossing other athletes or people
  • Make sure you have an anti-COVID mask and pair of gloves with you, in case you need to finish your training in advance and be forced to enter in places where they are mandatory
  • If you plan a long run, take a bottle of water with you to avoid stopping at any public fountain and touch the tap or other surfaces
  • If you cross a runner on your way, try to move to aside and keep a precautionary distance of 2 meters. If there is no space, turn your face to the opposite side
  • Suggest on time to the other athlete to do the same, thank him and great him
  • In case of a frontal crossing with a cyclist or if you are behind him – especially in case of upwind situations – be sure to maintain a safety distance of 10 meters with the buff on your face
  • During the whole workout, do not touch surfaces, especially when stretching. If it does happen, make sure you disinfect your hands with a disposable wipe
  • Before entering your house, remove shoes, external clothes, accessories and equipment and put everything in a basin and wash them at once. In the end, also wash your hands
  • Remember that if you touched a potential infected surface and, later, used your smartphone, it should be disinfected┬álike everything else.

Do not forget that the risk of contagion is always there and invisible ….

Good workout, enjoy it!

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Cristina Tasselli

Digital Strategic Marketing Director - certified Innovation Manager - in multinational companies, she is still today the only Italian female athlete to have ran 900 km and 55,000m D+ in the mountains in a single stage race (Transpyrenea 2016, 3rd women overall). She counts numerous Podiums and international Victories on races over 100k. She holds a SNaQ CONI certification as a Trail Running Coach, Athletic Trainer and in Nutrition and Sports Supplementation. Since 2014 she is President and sports executive of innovative technology startups and companies, including Trail Running Movement and Digital Sport 360. She trains elite trail running athletes and she teaches in trail running coach certification courses. She is an author of sports articles on training, nutrition and supplementation in trail running and running, both in Italian and in English and Spanish. She manages relationships and collaborations with Federations and Race Organizers.