TRM presents in these days the Network of Certified Trail Running Coaches, that is developing throughout Italy. 

The TRM Coaches Network is composed of certified 1st and 2nd level Trail Running Coaches who will be responsible to follow local projects, initiatives and athletes on different territories, coordinated by the TRM Team and the TRM marketing department for the communication activities.

To guarantee the professionalism of the coach, TRM has chosen to include in the Italian Network only SNaQ certified trainers recognized by CONI.

The role of the Trail Running Coach

The Trail Running Coach, in his main role, will have to assist the athlete in the correct execution of the athletic preparation of trail running with the aim of improving performance and limiting the risk of injuries.

At the same time, the TRM Coach will develop in the territory all the agreements and initiatives for the promotion of sport and sports tourism already successfully implemented by TRM over the years:

  • TRM Endurance Camp: training for Ultra Trail Runners on the Alte Vie
  • TRM Teen Campus: Group training for teenagers
  • TRM Training Day: introductory days for trail runners beginners
  • TRM friend Race: promotion of agreements with local races
  • TRM friend Shop: agreements with the best sports shops
  • TRM friend Club: partnership with other Clubs operating in the outdoor sector
  • TRM Network Member: medical and physiotherapy center agreements
  • Corporate agreements for employee sports programs

Information about the TRM Coaches International Network launch will be giving shortly. If you have any question please email us here: trmteamasd@gmail.com

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