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The Marathon Des Sable (MDS) is a famous race that takes place in the Desert. Every day runners have to cover a distance around 30 and 40km and one day out of 5 they have a long run of 80-85km.

The preparation of the Marathon Des Sable requires both a previous experience of endurance races in particular conditions and an accurate analysis of all the elemnts that affect the final result. The TRM Coaches during the training of athletes of various levels have identified 8 fundamentals you should not forget.

Which? Here is what we sugegst to do:

  1. Plan specific training on different terrains and conditions and test nutrition several times
  2. Adopt Multi-day “Shock Block” sessions for your longest runs, progressively increasing distances and loads
  3. Train wearing your camelback containing the mandatory equipment, with a variable weight between 2kg up to 5-6kg
  4. Plan a vacation in desert areas 2 months before MDS to experience your sensations, ability and time of adaptation
  5. Calculate your sweating rate and define the water supplementation strategy. Identify your exact need for water and mineral salts (potassium, magnesium)
  6. Prepare your feet, starting to use a zinc cream one month before the competition and prepare a blister kit (phytostimulines, betadine, bedsores patches)
  7. Choose technical clothing considering that the temperature can change from 0 to over 40° in the desert
  8. Define a Check List and never leave anything to chance, if you want to be an MDS finisher

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