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Cris: Hello Federico, in the meantime, congratulations! Great, it is not easy to finish the MDS in 33h at the first experience and ran it as you did. Could you tell us more about the most important aspects of your preparation for the race?

Fede: I would say the *block training*, the famous WEEKEND SHOCK workout. The training consisted of alternating low load weekends to weekends during which I had to run 3 days in a row, more than 30km per day, wearing the backpack, progressively increasing the weight (from 1.5 to 5-6kg). This program has helped me to be ready to face the race distance, be used to the weight of the backpack, correctly manage the pace and be able to eat and drink during the competition. Furthermore, during the long workouts I tested the nutrition strategy, experimenting freeze-dried food, understanding my assimilation capacity and whether that king of food would have been enough for me or I would have been hungry.

Infact, I tried to reproduce as much as possible the situation in which I would have found myself at the MDS and make sure that my body got used to it.

Cris: Did you face difficult moments during the race and how did you manage them?

Fede: Honestly I did not face deep crisis, only some difficult situation that I managed. There are 2 important things to which I have dedicated a lot of time together with the TRM Coaches: the BACKPACK, where you should fit in everything necessary but with the minimum weight and the MENTAL PREPARATION, your HEAD must be ready to support you to manage high temperatures, bad sleep, eat differently than usual, etc.

Cris: What will you take home from this adventure?

Fede: A great experience, a unique race that I was able to run and finish much better than I expected and this means that now I have to raise the bar……)

Cris: Thanks Federico and looking forward to your nex challenge!

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