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The new CRO TRAIL “WILD” is back on 2-3 JULY 2022 with a spectacular track from the mountain to the sea

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Marco Olmo’s, two times winner of the UTMB, favorite race is back! The Cro Trail is the only 90km Ultra Trail that crosses incredible “wild” landscapes from the Piedmontese mountains to the Ligurian sea. The lucky trail runners of this new edition will compete with great champions of the caliber of Marco Olmo, Pablo Barnes Trail Running National Team Argentina, Michele Graglia, record man and winner of the Badwater USA, and among the women Virginia Oliveri along the ridges of the Italian-French Alps from which you can admire the Costa Azzurra and the Ligurian Riviera, point of arrival.

This 10th edition goes back to its origins with a path of extraordinary beauty through a “Wild” nature to be admired by running along the Alte Vie Liguri, the Via del Sale that crosses what was once the hunting area of ​​primitive man of Cro -Magnon (30,000 BC), the Savoy roads and Forts used in the 2nd World War, the deserted peaks of the Western Maritime Alps on the ridges and paths that cross rivers, historic villages and wild animals such as chamois and marmots.


The CRO Wild Trail has a unique track: it has always been the most beautiful “in line” International Ultra Trail race that starts from the Limone Piemonte Alps and reaches the sea on the beach of Ventimiglia. The two 90km and 20km races offer strong motions that, year after year, convince trail runners from all over the world to come back. The 90 km and 5,000 D + race, starts from Limone Piemonte and initially develops along the border line between Italy and France through the Savoyard fortifications at 1,871 m. built in 1800 on the border that delimited Cisalpine Gaul at the time of the Roman Empire.

The race crosses the wildest part of the Maritime Alps along the historic “cannon path”, parallel to the Via del Sale.

Here the silence reigns supreme like the scents emanating from the pines and larches partly bordered by stone walls behind which sometimes curious chamois and other wild animals look out.

Then you arrive in Airole, and from its historic center also the shortest race of 20 km starts, sharing the final 20km with the Cro Wild Trail. From Airole you go up on the “Mediterranean Balcony” path and then you launch yourself on the magnificent “Alta Via dei Monti Liguri” until you arriva in Ventimiglia on the beach. This part offers wonderful views that fully reflect the characteristics and beauties of the Liguria Region where the mountains “plunge” into the sea.

The CRO Trail “Wild” is also part of the “Run the World” Circuit, a group of races selected from around the world for their particular beauty and the guarantee of a technical and logistical organization and a high-profile quality standard.

If you are enthusiastic about the “Save The Planet” approach, you should know that the CRO Trail also adopts a “plastic free” approach in full respect of nature and the true trail spirit


Let’s get to the heart of the race tracks and deepen the specificities that will not fail to convince you that at least once in your life you can’t miss it!

The Cro Wild Trail, the main race, is 90km long and 4,540m D + and awards 4 ITRA Points. The departure is set at 6.00 in the morning from the Piazza del Municipio in Limone Piemonte. Maximum time 24 hours to complete it.

The track is challenging, but equally suggestive and fascinating. Although the track is smooth and does not present highly technical sections, it requires careful preparation and a good ability to know how to self-manage. The refreshment points guarantee the minimum essential in true Esprit Trail and the race includes numerous passages at high altitude, up to 2,200 m, where there could be difficult weather situations (snow, wind, rain) and the temperatures can drop down to 0° and then rise to 30° near the sea.

The section with the greatest difference in elevation gain is that between Limone Piemonte and Tenda (the first village in French territory), in just 10 km you go from 1,000 to 2,100 m. of the Colle della Boaria.

Among the many things that will not fail to excite trail runners, there is the arrival in Tenda, a charming French town, also a refreshment point.

And, subsequently, you reach the village of La Brigue , famous for its nativity scene carved into the rock!

Continuing, you reach the beautiful Monastery of Saorge also point of water n ° 4.

For much of its history, the Cro Trail has been a unique race, but a second, shorter race is planned for this year: the Mini CRO Trail.

The Mini CRO Trail is a 20 km long race for 1,200m D + (max time 5 hours). It awards 1 ITRA point. It is a short trail race, ideal for beginners, family or friends or for trail runner enthusiasts looking for a training in the area with refreshments and finish line by the sea. The departure is scheduled at 5.00 pm at Piazza SS. Giacomo e Filippo in Airole.

The last section of the races offers a beautiful view of the coast and leaves the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri at kilometer 86 to take the Rainbow Trail up to the Church of San Secondo in Ventimiglia and then reach the finish line on the beach!

Take advantage of the reduced rate for the 90K at € 80.00 until April 30, 2022, with a 100% refund guaranteed in the event of COVID restrictions until June 28.

The MINI CRO Trail race costs only € 20.00 until May 30th.

The prices of both races include the FREE TICKET for transport by train Limone P.te – Ventimiglia or vice versa, valid for the days from Friday 01 to 03 July 2022.(ATTENTION: only by booking it at the time of registration)

REGISTRATION for the 90K and 20K on click HERE

Race Info: Tel. (+39) 335 720 2300


The first stop not to be missed is the little jewel of Limone Piemonte called the “Queen of the Maritime Alps” a true concentration of style and beauty at 1,009 m. s.l.m.

Limone in Piedmont, in addition to being a very famous ski resort that hosted the World Championships, is also the starting point for exploring the area on foot or by mountain bike, enjoying the best food of the province of Cuneo or strolling through the historic center.

The historic center of Limone Piemonte has a large pedestrian area and offers some artistic treasures such as the fourteenth-century Church of San Pietro in Vincoli, in late Gothic style.

For those who follow the trail runners, a unique and unmissable place is certainly Colle Tenda with its extraordinary almost perfectly preserved fortifications.

After the race, you can recover by relaxing on the beaches of the pretty town of Ventimiglia, walking on the new cycle path, and enjoying excellent fish in the many restaurants and clubs along the sea. Ventimiglia is also known for its food and wine tradition and many other local products such as: the delicious Taggiasca olives, oil from the Ligurian Riviera, and the delicious white wine to combine with fish dishes or sip as an aperitif.

For the family there are many attractions: from beach, to the very long and safe cycle path heated by the sun and cooled by the sea breeze, the nice medieval souvenirs sold in the beautiful shops of the stone citadel to take home.

If you stay an extra day, don’t miss the Balzi Rossi Caves, a complex of caves close to the sea where the best finds of the Cro-Magnon man (from which the race takes its name) were discovered.

For all Finisher, the evening with an aperitif and dinner facing the sea is a must and then a well-deserved rest …. who knows if after this adventure, you too feel a little CRO man or woman!


The CRO Wild Trail is race with a start and a finish in different locations but the organization has thought of everything. All trail runners will receive a free train ticket (to be requested when registering) for the Limone P.te – Ventimiglia railway line or vice versa, which will be valid for the days from Friday 1 to 3 July 2022. This solution is ideal for those with family and want to leave their car in Ventimiglia. Currently, 2 trips per day are available.

Those who reach Limone by car can reach it via the A4 or A7 motorways, which connect with the A33 motorway in the Cuneo area. For example, those departing from Milan must plan a journey of about 3 hours and 20′. If, on the other hand, you prefer to arrive in Ventimiglia, via the A7 motorway, the journey will last just under 4.5 hours.

For those arriving from further afield, the airports of Turin and Genoa and the respective very frequent railway lines in the direction of France – Côte d’Azur are available. 

Those who opt for a stay on the Côte d’Azur can fly to Nice and move by train or car rental in the opposite direction towards Italy.


The CRO Wild Trail organization has compiled a list of affiliated hotels and facilities. To find out what they are and how to book click HERE

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Enjoy your race!

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